By Nichole Naoum There’s nothing quite like taking a leisurely stroll down a cobblestone street that predates your own country by over a thousand years only to have your eye nearly gouged out by a selfie-stick wielding tourist moments later. Venturing further into the city, the potent aroma of sea salt, marijuana, and on occasion, […]

I have fond memories of late weekend nights rolling around in my car with my best friend, music blaring, from party to party in attempts to score a cheap half OZ of weed, while ending up getting a lackluster product without so much as a ziplock bag to hold it. I remember driving 40 minutes […]

According to this Resolution of Censureship, the majority of AS members have been reprimanded for failing to attend meetings. Perhaps the “many members of Council including most members of Cabinet and Senate” went a little too wild at Sun God Festival, regardless they have failed to perform even the most basic of responsibilities, simply showing up.

Written by Joshua Marxen As someone who would be proud to hold the title “journalist”, I was as horrified as anyone when we learned that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria had beheaded not one, but two American journalists, shortly after forcing them, using who knows what terrible means, to give a speech in […]

By Austin Peters For much of this past summer, politicians and policy wonks alike hotly debated the fate of the Export-Import Bank. Established during the New Deal Era, this little known government agency strives to promote United States exports through complex measures designed to boost foreign buyers’ access to credit. Since its reauthorization was coupled […]

by John Christopher Story The summer of 2014 has seen the Islamic State, also referred to as ISIS and ISIL, storm across large swaths of war-ravaged Syria and Iraq. The beheadings of three Westerners, as well as the undeniably potent concentrations of wealth and power rapidly acquired by the Islamic State, have once again prompted […]

by Jacob Hartman Far too often, sensible people are forced to respond to irrational arguments using the invented vocabulary of those they are arguing against. A well-known example is when Socialists utilize their favorite term, “Welfare,” when arguing for wealth transfer, leaving supporters of laissez-faire to defend an allegedly abusive free market as predefined by […]

By Shane Robinson             Locus Standi: the right to bring an action, to be heard in court, or to address the court on a matter before it. In the United States there are three ways to gain standing in a suit: First, if the party can show they are directly and adversely effected by a […]

by George Hess Within the mainstream media and economic journals, Bitcoin and other alternative currencies have become synonymous with fake money, price instability, and speculative investment. To some extent, these media outlets are correct. Bitcoin has no inherent value; it is very similar to the dollar bill and all fiat currencies in that regard. It […]

by Marco Vasquez In the past few months, Associated Students has seen major events like proposed constitutional changes, the transportation crisis, numerous resolutions, and financial issues. The two events that stand out the most are the divestment from the prison industrial complex and the issue of pulling out of mandated reserves. I had a unique […]