Save Capitalism!

by Richard Davis, Staff Writer

As a college student I can only sit back and watch. Sure, I can vote for initiatives, but in California they are laced with deceit and cyanide. What irks me, though, is the lack of outrage my fellow peers have; the lack of informed opinion; the lack of understanding of what the man they voted in is doing; the lack of caring about their future. These college students, and Obama supporters alike, just assume that because they have “their” man in there, that he is carrying out the desires of the people and he is fulfilling his promises he made down the road to his presidency. I am sorry to say, but “He” is NOT fulfilling any of his promises; the very same wars and budgets Obama promised to decrease have actually been INCREASED, they will continue to.

Where is the outrage? This is your future, your country and you’re just gonna let a bunch of thugs run it into the ground? These self-indulgent, pessimistic, ignoramus and gluttonous buffoons that rule Washington are spending not only our parent’s money, but OUR money as well. They are spending money that we have not even made yet, and it is all in the name of Keynesian economics, which essentially says that if you have a debt, just spend more money to get out of debt because that is the real sensible thing to do, now isn’t it? The Congress just passed a 90 million dollar pay raise, in the midst of recession. If that doesn’t send up red flags then what does??? Honestly, pay attention to the damn proposals Obama is spurting out everyday and don’t believe everything you see on TV! It’s not a matter of partisanship on my part, but a matter of concern about what our government is doing to us!

Just look at the budget; over the course of four years we will face a budget deficit of ~12.3 trillion (that’s with a “t”) which is several times greater than the entire budget deficit of George W. Bush. It doesn’t matter who it is formulating this budget, but whoever they are, they must be stopped. All this spending is not for the benefit of our country; this spending is guided to undermine the very foundations of our capitalistic economy. And don’t pull the “Capitalism doesn’t work anymore, it isn’t fair!” card because that is a load of ‘you-know-what!’ Capitalism has stopped functioning because liberalism has attempted to destroy it; people SHOULD be rewarded for the things they accomplish, not punished for their success! Bush, Obama and this Congress have all attempted to destroy it!

Sure, you may have voted for Obama because of his policies (McCain was NOT a good alternative) and the hope and change for the future he instilled in you, but instead of blindly following Obama, please just take the time to look at what he is doing. “He” is not going through with his promises, he is tightening down on our Constitutional freedoms through the Internet Bill and the Fairness Doctrine, and before you know it, you’ll become another pawn in the government’s game of chess through the National-Service Bill (hmm, sounds like some other 1940’s program trying to instill nationalism and change into it’s youth…). I am concerned for my fellow collegiate peers, you do not know what is happening; you may call me paranoid, but just look around you. Hopefully you’ll see the train coming before it’s too late.

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