A Simple Proposal

Jerry Pournelle on education:

The remedy here is obvious. Congress has the power to do what it will with the DC school system. I suggest they put the education experts in charge, and give them most — I dare not say all — the resources they [say] they will need. Olympic swimming pools? Tutors? Anything. Spare no expense. At present I believe that average expense per child in DC is about $12,000. Double that. Treble it if need be. And let’s see the results.

And when that fails to raise the averages much, and leaves a great number of children behind, perhaps we can denationalize the school system on the theory that the experts don’t know enough, and go back to transparency and subsidiarity. Give local school boards local control over both the schools and the school tax. (You can subsidize the really poor districts, but those who elect the school boards should pay a substantial part of the costs.)

Well, I can dream, can’t I?

It’s just a dream now, but we really should try to make this a reality. Simple enough for almost anyone to understand, yet probably effective enough to arrest the decline in our educational system.

— Chris


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