Why They Hate Us (A sociologist’s attempt at poems)

by Alice Chao, Staff Writer

“They” = Extremist Muslims
“Us” = US

They hate us
Not just us American conservatives
Lest you liberals think
Radical Muslims are pissed at just American conservatives
They look at the extravagant lives of America’s extremely liberal celebrities
And think bad thoughts
They are not mad just at American conservatives because one went to war with them
They are mad also about the wasteful lives that many famous liberals live
Radical Muslims did not hate us only when George W. Bush was in power
But way before that, remember the World Trade Center Bombings in 1993,
When Clinton was President?
Or when Carter was President with the kidnapping of Americans and parading them around?
Before liberals start pointing fingers at Bush
For causing Radical Muslim hatred of America
They should first understand that Radical Muslims hate all Liberal, Moderate and Conservative Americans alike.
That’s equality for ya


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