Don’t Forget Your Party Hat

by Steven Perlin, Staff Writer

According to BBC News, Baghdad’s plans for June 30 (today) include a giant party amongst the usual. The occasion for the party is the celebration of National Sovereignty Day. What exactly does that mean one may ask?

National Sovereignty Day celebrates the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq’s capital. The troops are moving back to bases outside of the city limits. And for this “grand” occasion, the people of Baghdad decide to throw a party! Excuse me if I am wrong or outspoken, but last time I watched the news, the people of Iraq were liberated from the tyrannical rule of Saddam Hussein by American troops wearing U.S. military fatigues and carrying equipment belonging to the federal government of the United States of America. I have seen countless documentaries of his capture and not once has the face of the one who pulls him from the hole bare a resemblance to the face of an Iraqi. As a matter of fact, the face is of an American. The faces that have fought for over six years belong to Americans. And over four thousand faces have left their families in the service of another man’s country, and this is how we are repaid.

Baghdad, the city that the rest of Iraq looks to as an example, throws a party because the Americans leave. I think the city of Baghdad should invite all 130,000 American soldiers serving in Iraq to the party, for if it was not for the Americans, there would be no party.


  1. I understand where you’re coming from. But as good conservatives, we need to respect the lessons of history and note that occupying armies are usually resented… even when they’re doing a favor. Maybe even especially in that case — after all, it’s said that if you want someone to like you, you shouldn’t do a favor for them, instead you should have them do a favor for you.

    No, it’s not entirely fair. But this is what we signed up for. Let the Iraqis have their celebration. Perhaps, when their new country becomes strong enough to do us a favor, they will be able to look back and better appreciate what we did for them.

  2. Eric Smith · ·

    I think it’s completely appropriate for them to have a party. As a member of the Armed Forces myself, I don’t at all resent their celebration. The Iraqi people suffered for years under Saddam Hussein’s rule and have suffered even more during this short period in which the US has come to liberate them.

    It may be just a quick stab of pain, like when someone removes a splinter, but there have been more deaths during these semi-brief times of war than when Sadddam was in power. Our moving out of Baghdad represents progress for the Iraqis in that they are now self supporting there. We should be having a party that they now don’t need our help!

    If for example, a foreign power came here to the US and liberated me from all the liberals, I would be extremely grateful but at the same time, I would be happy when they left so that I could get started in making the nation what I thought it should be. 😉

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