Chula Vista’s council seat vacancy — an open letter

In Chula Vista we are facing a decision concerning our city council. Unfortunately Councilman John McCann has been called away to serve in Iraq and protect our country. I personally would like to wish him and his family best of luck, and a safe return home. While he is gone, his seat will be empty for a year and it’s the decision of our city council to appoint someone temporarily to keep his seat warm until his return.

City council has been running with 2 republicans and 3 democrats. The democrats are wanting to add another person to sit in McCanns seat however; this isn’t the wisest decision. Instead of looking for a republican or democrat to take control, we should look at an alternative decision. A decision based on the constituents of Chula Vista: known as the Sunnyvale Solution.

The Sunnyvale solution is where the council looks at the outcome of the last city council election and whomever came into second place would be appointed to McCann’s seat. This solution keeps the peoples decision as the ultimate say of who will be in the seat. It’s a non-partisan solution to the problem.The democrats however, would like to play favorites with someone in Bob Filners office, and give him the appointment.

As a constituent of Chula Vista who lives, shops, and works in our city I believe that appointing someone that isn’t chosen by the mass population of our city is the wrong idea and direction for our council. The only fair way “We” the constituents will truly be represented in our city is by allowing the Sunnyvale solution to be accepted at the hand of our city council.

We are amidst a silent war right now, and I believe it is time for us as Chula Vistans to fight and allow our voices to be heard. We need to remember that government is put into place to serve the people and not the other way around. I encourage all of you to come to city council and explain the way that you feel. Do you want someone that doesn’t speak for you in the chair? or someone that you voted for that lost by 46 votes?

No matter your party affiliation I hope that you will be able to see the common sense in this matter and realize the simplicity in the solution for a complex problem. We have the power if we speak, we control the government when we vote. Allow your voices to be heard from our last election, and support the Sunnyvale Solution for the vacancy in city council.

Misty Tienken



  1. Taxed&BrokeinChulaVista · ·

    Wow! Someone with a common sense solution. And it would avoid the added costs of a special election to a city that is broke!

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