The Rich to the Rescue?

by Alice Chao, Staff Writer

President Obama is trying to overhaul American healthcare. Since this has never been done before (though not for a lack of trying), lots of ideas are being thrown around.

Some of these ideas are very, very questionable.

Take this recent Associated Press article, for instance: “House Dems look at taxing the rich for health care”. Now, I’m not what one would consider rich — actually, I’m a dirt poor and unemployed recent college grad. I’m supposed to be one of the “winners” in this deal.

But even I can see the ridiculous nature of this plan. If the rich are taxed extra to get Obama’s national insurance plan off the ground… where are those tax dollars coming from? After all, many of the rich are businessmen and -women, inclined to reinvest much of their spare cash into their businesses — you know, those things that create jobs for the rest of us, and are ultimately responsible for growing the economy. Tell me, what was the point of Obama’s stimulus plan if he’s ready to follow it up with a comparably strong un-stimulus, when the economy hasn’t yet turned around?

Am I really a “winner”, if I get a bit more health coverage… but I don’t get what would have been my next job?

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