Conservatism and Race

by Inez Feltscher, Associate Editor

It’s high time we conservatives stopped being so defensive when it comes to race. We are not racists. Conservatives have a long and proud history of fighting racism and slavery, and we should not back down with our tails between our legs every time some rich, white movie star smears our ideology as racist. It’s time we go on the offensive. The next time a liberal accuses you of racism ask them these questions:

Is it racist to want a color-blind society (you might even say we judge people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character) – or racist to see all a person’s attributes and achievements only in context of race?

Is it racist to believe that real “diversity” means diversity of thought and experiences, regardless of skin color – or is it racist to believe that a different skin color automatically gives a person a totally different experience in life (usually assuming that he or she had it rough/was poor/grew up in a bad neighborhood solely because of the color of his or her skin)?

Is it racist to believe that all able people are capable of independent decision-making and are responsible for their decisions – or racist to believe that the government can make better decisions about the way people should spend their money than they can? After all, the government needs it to dole it out in programs for minorities who clearly cannot take care of themselves.
Is it racist to believe that skin color does not determine ability, and therefore should not determine outcomes – or is it racist to believe that all minorities need a “hand up” because they are incapable of achieving success for themselves?

It’s also time to step up to the defense of our fellow conservatives, who are being treated in an unimaginably ugly way by liberals because of their skin color. A black American who chooses to espouse conservative ideas is usually treated to a barrage of racially-laden attacks from liberals. Clarence Thomas was and is constantly subjected to completely baseless slander, including not only the whole evidence-not-withstanding Anita Hill affair, but also constant snide comments from liberal commentators suggesting that he is not intelligent enough to serve on the Supreme Court. Michael Steele has Oreo cookies thrown at him during speaking engagements at universities. The first black, female Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, is called an “Aunt Jemima” or a “house slave” while Colin Powell is an “Uncle Tom” (at least until he switched over to shuck for Obama). Where are their pictures during Black History Month?

I’m glad that Harry Alford, CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, refused to be treated condescendingly and exposed Barbara Boxer for what she, and many liberals, actually think about black people in this country: “She loves poor black folks. She loves black folks in their place.” That is, as long as they are liberal, donate to the Democratic Party, and pull the right lever on Election Day, so that their condescending “progressive” white knights can save them from the awful oppression that is 21st century America. And we’re the racists? Give me a break!

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