What If We Were Wrong?

by Richard Davis, Staff Writer

Teenagers often get a bad rap. From the time they enter intermediate school to the time he or she enters college, they endure an enormous amount of physical and emotional changes. Teens suffer a great deal of stress over a relatively short period of time. It’s no wonder that teenagers act more upon emotion and “go along with the group” instead of taking a more pragmatic and logical approach towards life. Questioning of authority is a common trait amongst teenagers who use this experience to find their boundaries and discover their personality. However, here is where the sympathy for them ends. Their kind of thinking can and has proven to kill generations for one simple reason; their societal revolutions were run by a gaggle of “sophisticated” morons.

All teenagers and young adults desire to be a part of some kind of political or social movement, whether their part-to-play is voluntary or not. When one of these movements takes place, young people are swept up by a wave of emotion; they feel accepted, revolutionary, rebellious, and giddy at the thought of being painted as unique against the white canvas of societal conformity. A young adult’s instinctual desire to rise up against authority is the driving force behind any movement, but it eventually brings the dissolution of the movement.

Revolutions are not started by the entrenched, sedulous logic of elders but by the virulent and crimson rhetoric of the young. Revolutions are often attributed to a liberal, progressive way of thinking because it counteracts against a conservative style of logic, but is slanderous to not recognize that the ideals of American conservatism help maintain the core principles of a revolution. Of those principles, responsibility is of the utmost importance; the signers of the Declaration of Independence understood that without taking responsibility for their upheaval by printing their names upon the document, no man would follow them. Teenagers despise responsibility for the sheer fact that it requires them to answer to an authority.

Modern liberalism is a natural magnet for the impairing state of the modern teenager because both liberalism and adolescence’s defining traits are unprecedentedly identical. The doctrine of liberalism is comprised of making decisions solely on the basis of emotion, instinctually defying authority, harboring a lack of faith in God and humanity, brandishing vile hatred towards dissimilar individuals and believing in a subjective truth. A sad fact is that the holy doctrine of liberalism is dogmatically practiced and preached by the willing youth of America, there is no doubt. While centuries before children became adults at the threshold of adolescence (a term only created in recent history), we now allow that same group to extend their childhood into adulthood. Simply put, liberalism allows you to never grow up and therefore never accept responsibility.

The shared aspects of liberalism and adolescence expose our nation’s decomposing stability, but the lack of subjective truth is the true impetus for failure. We are rotting from the inside. The idea that no one is ever completely right is an extension of adolescent thought and must be stopped from perverting the minds of our youth. Logic and facts are not an acceptable tool for argumentation any more and a subjective view of the world is the sole contributor to what has become a creepily pluralistic attitude amongst the youth on many social issues. I fear there will soon be no one to have the courage to stand against these mentally bereaved souls.

There truly is a revolution in our midst, but it is a revolution of the minds. It is a revolution that is counter to the goal of every other reformation and repudiation of rule. It is a revolution that binds those to a singularity of socio-political scrutiny. It is a revolution that aims to enslave, not emancipate. It is an “ironic” revolution where the wrong authority will rule and render the youth sterile of the fruit of our Father. No God, no country, no truth. As long as these remain symbols of authority, liberalism and adolescence will consort to tear them down.

I believe that, for the first time in history, American conservatism may need a counter-culture revolution to bring our country out of it’s 4-decade hippie trance.


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