A friend of mine from Act! For America called me this morning to tell me that many CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) supporters were going to be protesting his presentation at a San Diego Public Library, even though one of their representatives had spoke a few weeks prior and he had spun the issue about Islamofascism in a way that made it seem like it only concerned bigots, right wing extremists, and conspiracy nuts. So if you happen to be in San Diego, please do your best to attend and help show solidarity with Act! in our opposition to Islamofascism.

Alec Weisman, Editor-In-Chief


Caliphate or Republic
It’s up to all of us!

San Diego Chapter Leader – Act! For America

Saturday August 15th, 2009
Sand Diego Central Library Third Floor 2 PM
820 E. Street
(just blocks from the Gas Lamp District)

The stakes have never been higher. The world wide trend that we thought had gained so much momentum after the end of the Cold War is in grave danger. The bold progress that produced the spread of free markets, liberty, gender equality and human rights is under assault by the virulent and growing seed of radical Islam.

The prospect of a “peace dividend” with the demise of the Soviet Union is long gone. It may have taken from 1989 and the tearing down of Berlin Wall, until September 11, 2001 for us to truly understand that the peace dividend was a mirage. The simmering evil represented by the Moslem Brotherhood and it’s ilk was fully present through the Cold War. Our focus may have been elsewhere, but the radical stew of all those intent on creating a world wide Caliphate was bubbling to a boil in a international political and cultural caldron.

Our challenge is to fully engage this enemy using all the tools at our disposal to protect our precious way of life. To assert our rights without assuming the responsibilities necessary to protect those rights suggests an arrogance that will come back to bite us.

I challenge all Americans to step up and stop those who are intent on imposing a Caliphate in the West. Each of us can find ways to use our skills, energies and talents to play a role. If you are looking for suggestions, here’s a great way to lend a hand. Go to and sign up. There you can find dozens of ways to play your role. It only takes a few moments each week to make a difference.

Another way to step up is contact me at Join the San Diego Chapter. Allow me to make a presentation to groups of ten or more. In your home, at a social or fraternal gathering, at your religious or civil association let me come and describe the threat and how each of us can play our role in this war against Islamists.

I truly believe that once average Americans learn the dimensions of the threats we face, they will ACT! We are struggling in an economic quagmire that consumes so much of our energy and resources. It is perfectly reasonable to be distracted by our immediate needs. So let me and Act! For America give you the tools and vehicles necessary so you can step up to the plate with minimal effort amidst the chaos of your daily responsibilities.

Come and encourage friends and family as a show of support:

Other events:

Sunday 8/23/09 9 AM United Methodist Church 170 Magdalena, Encinitas, CA. 90024 – lecture and slide show – special guest Shireen Qudosi will join me to discuss her experiences growing up in a Moslem family.

Thursday 9/03/09 10 -12 PM Rancho Bernardo World Affairs Council (Remington Club near Vons) lecture and slide show – Q.and A.

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