More Attacks on Conservative Free Thought

by Gabriella Hoffman, Staff Writer

Whenever I go to a local Simon Mall, I always take note of the kiosks so I can avert any possible bombardment by salespeople. Most of the products offered serve no interest or purpose to me, so I do not want to be bothered by someone who would advertently try to rip me off or waste my time. Regardless, each of these kiosks is permitted to advocate a cause or belief as long as no threats or any breaches of the First Amendment occur (i.e. fighting words, defamation, and sedition). Yet, an increasingly popular trend is to limit the speech of conservative thought, which is “dangerous” to the liberal media and its proponents.

Simon Property Group owner Mel Simon had the “audacity” to throw out the Free Market Warrior kiosk from his Concord Mills, North Carolina mall because it sold stickers advocating “Impeach Obama,” “Work Harder. Obama needs the money,” and other “conservative paraphernalia.” Simon does not hesitate to flaunt his support for the Democrats and Mr. Obama in terms of financial contributions, so one can deduce that he is eager to diminish conservatives like his Washington counterparts. Similarly, Simon also pulled the plug on the July 4th Atlanta Tea Party near a Simon Property Group entity, Gwinnet Place Mall. Why not disparage free speech? Democrats only want their views cast into light, so shutting us up enables them to unleash their wrath in America today.

Free Market Warrior kiosk owner Loren Spivack was afforded the opportunity to sell his merchandise, which clearly made a statement and espoused the “counter-perspective” held in today’s society. In an article covered in The Examiner Spivack argued, “Nobody in that mall is selling anything from a conservative perspective. Plenty of people are selling things with a liberal perspective, with a pro-Obama perspective.” He also noted an overwhelming presence of pro-Obama merchandise, so selling his stuff would ease the dominance of one “right” belief and add room for another one (simply put, leveling the playing field). As of late, a Fox News article dated July 28th, 2009 reports that Spivack was denied an extension on his lease at the Concord, N.C. mall purely for political reasons. Regardless, Spivack still operates online on a respective website and is profiting quite well.

In our great country, we have been taught to be open to multiple political perspectives, and to be conservative is apparently discouraged and wrong. Anything remarked against the Obama Administration is deemed “racist” or “mean.” For example, an anonymous artist from Los Angeles recently released a portrait of Obama as the Joker from the recent Batman film with the words reading “socialism” at the bottom, resulting in liberals who whine about such an exercise of free speech as an attack by opponents or conservative “hate-mongers.” What about all those stickers, t-shirts, books, pictures, magazines, movies, cards, newspaper articles, and T.V. interviews that called for Bush’s impeachment, or belittled the former president as “Hitler” or the “Devil?” Liberals could freely criticize and demean former President Bush in terms of his policies, mannerisms, and personal attributes- heck, they still do! Yet, if one is to criticize this president’s policies, all hell would unleash and Obama Administration loyalists are inclined to snitch on their neighbors by reporting any “suspicious talk” to ‘’.

Mr. Simon should remember one simple thing: his success depends upon the success of entrepreneurs that employ the majority of working people in the United States. If Simon is to further employ tactics like discrimination against conservatives and the denial of the First Amendment’s free speech clause, his business will suffer the consequences of his actions.



  1. thejackalscodex · ·

    Free speech on private property is not covered by the First Amendment, which is a prohibition on government action. However, California can hold its head high for being, I believe, the first state to have granted a wider interpretation of the First Amendment rights on private property. The case of Pruneyard Shopping Centre v Robins recognised that for political pamphleteers to work effectively they can no longer man the sidewalks where you are seldom likely to find pedestrians. The public fora of American life have shifted to the shopping malls. Indeed, UCSD students can hold their head up ever higher. Fashion Valley Shopping Mall is the centre of another major court case, I believe held last year, dealing with whether this right is limited to political free speech or to all other speech.

    So the question we should ask ourselves is this: should we allow free speech on private property? If one is not wielding the potential tyrannous hand of government, why should the courts restrain them from preventing free speech on their private land? A man’s home is his castle, and shouldn’t he have absolute say on what goes on in his land? As the article notes, Simon’s business will fall as a result of his actions. If we believe in a free society, in personal responsibility and consequences, shouldn’t the proper way of dealing with Simon be through individual action, rather than through the judicial system?

  2. thejackalscodex · ·

    Oh, and as a sidenote, Fashion Valley is also owned by Simon Property Group.

  3. Inez Feltscher · ·

    I agree with the above commenter: the logical end of this line of thinking is forcing “equal playing fields” on every forum of free speech, including the Fairness Doctrine on radio, and finally, preventing citizens from displaying giant signs for or against candidates, props, etc. on their lawns. If it’s private property, let him have as the sole kiosk owner. If there is a market for enough leftist crap, he’ll succeed. More likely though, he’ll lose money and have to provide a more balanced perspective, but it should be the market forcing his compliance, not the government.

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