Congressman Ed Royce’s Health Care Town Hall

Alec Weisman, Editor-In-Chief

This morning I attended Congressman Ed Royce’s (R-CA 40) Health Care Town Hall, where I had a great time. I went with my good friend Eric Smith, the President of the College Republicans at Chapman University to hear the Congressman speak about his opinion on the bill. We went to not only protest the Health Care plan, but also to thank the Congressman for opposing it in its current form as well. Congressman Royce explained that he opposed a single payer health plan, but did acknowledge that massive reforms for health care was essential for the health of the country. He suggested allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines which would lower costs and allow more choice to the consumer for their health care. He made several other proposals as well as explaining why the current plan being discussed would lead to catastrophic costs for the country. Even though the few pro-health care individuals disagreed with Congressman Royce, the town hall remained very civil and calm, lacking the massive shouting and chaos that occurred at many democrat town halls.

Below is a link to visit the Photobucket for the California Review which contains the pictures that I took from the town hall. Enjoy!

The guess password is: UCSDCalRev so enter that when you get the prompt!


  1. Can’t see yr pix w/o password.:)

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