Why Canadian Health Care Should not be a model for the US

Alice Chao, Staff Writer

Healthcare is the hot topic of the day. And considering our own President and his Democrat colleagues have not even read the entire bill they claim to so passionately support, it’s time for some frank discussion. Since 99.99999999% Americans including the President and Congress have not read the bill in its entirety and neither have I, we should instead discuss the practical implications and applications of Obamacare; which if renamed and made into a horror movie should be titled “Socialized Medicine: What the Canadians Have”. In an effort to better articulate my views on this issue, I have watched a plethora of videos on this very issue. One particularly helpful commentary/documentary came in the form of one of Steven Crowder, on PJTV.com, a conservative news commentary site where he undertakes a social experiment of sorts. He and two other Canadian friends, one of which has a Canadian socialized healthcare card, make the trek up to Canada for some medical aid due to a skateboarding accident to see just how “good” Canadian socialized healthcare is. His documentary highlights several of the dangerous and deadly flaws that are rampant in a socialized health care system. This discussion is in part an echo of the vast majority of Americans that oppose Obamacare; and though does not particularly discuss the plight of uninsured Americans, it makes a strong case for those that currently have quality private insurance as to why Obamacare could be devastating to their health, wallets and children’s debt.

The two big points demonstrated in Crowder’s documentary are the lack in quality of care and long waits for care. In terms of quality of care, when your nation utilizes socialized medicine, as Canada does, the government runs your healthcare. As with governments around the world that manage health care, the Canadian federal government is running out of money to support its extremely expensive system. This will inevitability lead to care having to be rationed. The federal government is just plain broke; therefore broke people and governments can’t provide services it can’t afford to provide. Furthermore, we all know that the government is notorious for its ineptitude to do anything without long lines and unnecessary red tape, hold-ups, lock-outs, filibusters, and nuclear options. Crowder’s documentary painted a clear picture of the future of Obamacare in practice through the interview with Diane, a Canadian woman whose mother thanks to socialized healthcare lost two legs, instead of merely saving one leg. After having to wait one year for government approval of treatment for issues with one leg, her condition worsened and led to loss of both of her two legs.

Personally, although I am about to become an uninsured American, would like to keep both of my legs, and my body intact. From a more personal perspective, I’ve had a long history of neurosurgical issues that have required a few much-needed, though extremely expensive, life saving, emergency surgeries, that the government most certainly would not have the money to pay for or even be able to immediately approve my life-saving treatment under a public health care system. Would I get sidelined just because the government can’t afford to take care of me? Very likely, as government offices have already begun taking furlough days due to deep budget cuts. When this is the case how could our government afford even just one brain surgery to save a life?
Capitalism is largely eliminated by government socialized medicine. With competition, one is motivated to work hard, provide better services, however with a government elimination of private health insurers, why would the government be motivated to provide better services when there is no one to compete with? Obama claims that Obamacare will not cost America a dime, but a congressional committee found to the contrary, it would in fact tax our already never before seen monumental debt in large part racked up by our newest President. As I like to think about it Obama makes Bush, look like miserly Scrooge pre-Christmas transformation. After all, where is all this magic money coming from? Many don’t seem to care. Well, I care, I care that I am being saddled with an unparalleled debt from a President I didn’t vote for, who seems to be dangerously out of touch with reality and seems to think there are no consequences to life for Americans after his Presidency. Well, Mr. Obama, I hate to be the one to drag your dreams back to planet Earth and a realm called reality, but your plan needs some work, with “some” being the understatement of the millennium!

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  1. Have you heard of Native American health care? Isn’t that the true first free government health care given out and it has become a failure? How can Obama provide government health care for Americans and believe it will be successful when not even Indian health care is barely passable.

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