California Republican Party Convention 2009 in Indian Wells, Ca

Alec Weisman, Editor-In-Chief

Over the past weekend, we attended the California Republican Convention in Indian Wells California. During our stay, we brought 300 issues of our latest issue of the California Review to distribute and share with politicians, conservative activists, and other college republicans, as a way to boost morale and help get our conservative message out within the party.

We were greeted with almost unanimous approval, with many politicians and conservative leaders graciously taking a picture with the California Review, with many of them agreeing to be interviewed by staffers with The California Review in the near future.

I was really grateful when, as I was preparing to leave Indian Wells on Sunday morning, to see so many of the people at the Convention with their own copy of the California Review and desiring to follow up with us in the future.

As for the students at UCSD for whom we directly look at, keep your eyes open for a copy of the California Review at one of the lecture halls. We will also be out hand distributing the issue on library walk during the week of October 5-9. So get your issue of the California Review, get involved, and start writing for us as well!!!

Also, make sure to register for our mailing list to keep up to date with the California Review, along with receiving important news articles. We will be sending out an email either weekly or biweekly. Also, make sure to confirm your subscription in your email.

For the pictures from CRP, visit the link below. Guest password is: UCSDCalRev


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