A Snarky Retort to Supporters of Obamacare

Alice Chao, California Review Alumnus

Some signs government healthcare will be horribly run:

1. The Post Office
The origin of the term “going postal”, which refers to suddenly becoming extremely and uncontrollably angry, often to the point of violence especially in a workplace environment; “going obamacare” will soon be the new “it” term for “going postal”

2. The DMV
We’ve all waited in those crazy long lines that go out the door. Once in these doors, we are forced to take a number and wait, get another number and wait. Then we wait more, until we are old enough to collect Social Security, should the system actually not break down before we become eligible. Do you really want a government healthcare system that makes you wait until you need your casket? These two should be reasons enough, but I will continue

3. Complete government ineptitude leads to bills written in a language designed to confuse the regular American.
The Constitution was written in straightforward English, so that the regular Joe and Jane Americans can understand their rights enumerated in the Constitution. However, if you ask a regular Joe or Jane or even a highly intelligent UCSD student to do the same for almost every bill being voted on the Senate or House floor, they find themselves lost in the incomprehensible English. However if you take this situation and apply it to doctors who use a very scientific form of incomprehensible English and then the maximum confusion will result when the government mandates health care. This is dangerous, because when misunderstandings occur in medicine, people die. Insurance companies at least use the same style as doctors and things get done faster when people are being properly understood, approvals for services go faster and insurance companies unlike the government have money to pay for surgeries that save lives.

4. Government red tape, bureaucracies, hold-ups, lock-out, nuclear options, filibusters, oh my!
Government ineptitude equals slow, nail on salt, excruciatingly slow movement, nothing happens in government, good or bad, without some old fashioned politicking. However, this never goes well; as politicking leads to delays and unnecessary consequences. And now a fun visualization game. Imagine valiant doctors whose mission is to save lives as being a knight, while the government is played by the well-meaning village idiot who wants to help the knight but every time his attempts end in disaster. As Governor Mike Huckabee once said, “America doesn’t have a health care crisis, it has a health crisis.” America is ill, and what we need is a cure for the disease, not a band-aid for the symptoms.

5. HE DID IT!!!!
I know I’ll probably get flack for this one, but I’m going say it anyway. We as a society lack the personal responsibility that was something that our grandparents generation understood. Many of Americans’ health problems stem from the bad choices they made in life, as our actions have consequences. if you drink too much you get a bad liver. Eat too many fatty foods you gain weight. However the government should not have to pick up the tab for health problems that crop up due to a persons choices in life. Take responsibility! If you drink too much and get a bad liver you should not expect the government, taxpayers, Obama or Obamacare to pick up the tab. However, if you have congenital or hereditary issues or diseases then it is a completely different issue. We as conservatives, claim to believe in personal responsibility, so why don’t we start by implementing it our own lives?

6. Spend-thrift is broke, credit cards maxed out
The shopaholic is broke, and although Bush promoted this trend, Obama brought it into fashion by spending not only his generation and our generation broke and into debt, but also our children’s generation and our grandchildren’s children’s generation into critical debt to foreign nations. Although Democrats opposed Bush’s spending budget, they went “cookoo for coco puffs” for Obama’s spending craze taking us into a whole new universe of irresponsible, insane spending. How can we expect to have good government run healthcare system (not that I would ever want one implemented) when the government is broke. That is like asking a homeless person to take you out to the swankiest restaurant in town and then asking that homeless person to pay for the tab for you both, it’ll never end well.

In conclusion, as Thomas Jefferson once said “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have” so why would we want this nightmare government healthcare to be taken away by the very government that gave it to you? Sadly this is well within the realm of reality, as it is called a run-away government. After all, once the government gives you everything you seem to need, you start to believe that you are entitled to food, shelter and government run healthcare, etc., and when the government takes it all away, will you have anything that you actually legitimately earned left?

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