Chris Peña, Pasadena City College; Los Angeles Correspondent

I find no fault in Liberals, Illegals, or RINOs for ruining this country. Instead I find fault in ME, in YOU, and in everyone of us Conservatives and so-called conservatives. We let this happen, we let them take office, we let them cross the borders, we let strip our Liberties away, slowly but surely. We didn’t stand up nor did we speak out. We sat on our asses bitching and letting infighting takes us. Sure, a few of us said something now and again, when it was convenient. Yeah, of course we went to events, they give free food sometimes.

But we failed.

This country was handed down by our Forefathers to those MOST capable of running it, to those who would secure it’s freedom. Are you expecting me to believe that Liberals are those chosen people? What would they say now? Would they cry and blame those in charge? NO! It’s our fault. We failed them. Do you get mad at the cows for escaping, when you leave the barn door open? No, it’s your own fault. Now, it goes without saying, a fair shame of fault lays with them as well. But we as Conservatives are the smarter ones, we knew what was happening, and there is no excuse for that.

We need a new era, an era where we accept responsibility for our actions and failures. We need to stop wasting our breath by saying how stupid Liberals are. That will get us nowhere. Where was that passion and determination when these people were taking office? Where were we? How did we let this happen? I’ll tell you how. We grew selfish and weak. lazy, incompetent, and stupid. We were in power, let’s stop there right? I am in no way excused. I helped lead the charge of incompetence at times, many times to be truthful. Now my friends we need to stop, we can stop, we MUST stop. If not, we as a nation are damned. We need to take every goddamn Lib and RHINO out of office, we need to put people our Founding Fathers would be proud of in there. We need to stop complaining and start taking action.

We can’t do it alone, only together can we take back what is rightfully ours, what our Forefathers entrusted to us, that which is so sacred they stated a Revolution. FREEDOM! Cry Havoc! and let slip the dogs of War! Let every man know his place. Let those in power hear our cry and let them be terrified!Let them know their time and place has ended! We shall denounce their fallacies everywhere, from the classroom all the way to the voters booth.

To arms my friends! Let us rise up once more as those before us did, and take back this country! Let future generations know of the great Revolution that took place, when we said enough, and we stood for what we believe in! Do it NOW or forever it will be lost!

I go now to fight, do you follow?


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