Dreamin’ Damon Dunn

California 2010: Damon Dunn – Candidate, Secretary of State
Ryan Hougardy, Past Chairman, College Republicans at Chapman University

On last Monday night, November 16, I saw Mr. Dunn speak at the Orange County GOP Central Committee Meeting and was quite literally blown away. The man has a uniquely magnetic charisma, a message equitable to the phenomenon that we saw with Obama, and has lived one of the most inspiring lives I’ve heard of lately.

The current political climate has left the vast majority of Americans with a decisively negative opinion of our national and state leaders. While this feeling typically influences the general public to simply elect the minority party, very rarely are good replacement candidates chosen. Although I know little more about Mr. Dunn than what I heard in his speech and the content I read and saw on his website, the excitement he exudes with his candidacy is one which the Republican party hasn’t seen lately.

Damon Dunn’s candidacy is more than what I’ve already described; his ideas are also very innovative and cater well to improve the grim state that we find California in now. Without me getting into too many details of his speech, Mr. Dunn’s goals for his perspective position would create a channel for businesses, large and small, in California to communicate with the legislature about particular tax laws that effect them either positively or negatively. With this information, the legislature will be able to make more effective decisions that would positively affect businesses throughout the state.

I’ve been involved in several campaigns and have often felt that I have blindly supported a candidate solely based on party lines or because “I don’t like the other guy.” I ask that you don’t just take my personal inclinations about Mr. Dunn, but take a look at his website (www.damondunn.com). He has numerous video clips of his many appearances on news networks and radio shows. If you also want to take a look at his group page on facebook, simply search his name (Damon Dunn) and you can join the group if you would like.

Young and innovative; charismatic and inspiring. I am inclined to say that Damon Dunn may be the ideal candidate and someone that each of us should pay attention to now and in the future.


PS. The California Review will not endorse until we have gotten closer to the primary, if you would like to write your own personal support of a candidate, please email us at TheCalReviewUCSD@aol.com and we will review your article before making any publishing decisions.

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