First Interview: Derrick Roach, Private Investigator

Earlier today, I sat down for an exclusive with Derrick Roach, a private investigator in San Diego, who held a press conference this morning revealing a massive document dump committed by the San Diego branch of ACORN, also known as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

ACORN had disposed of thousands of documents revealing the inner workings of ACORN and also confidential personal information like social security numbers, drivers license numbers, immigration records, and tax returns.

Below is our exclusive interview of Derrick Roach, the first in our series of interviews with conservative & Republican politicians, community leaders, and concerned citizens.

*** Update 11/24 12 pm: ACORN document dumps don’t just plague San Diego:

*** Update 11/24 1 pm: ACORN’s document dump is illegal, spends $9,000 at fertility clinic, and lays out its plans for a makeover for 2012

Derrick Roach is a great supporter of the California Review, below is a picture of him holding up our September edition of the California Review.


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  1. great video! thanks for sharing this useful interview with us! In my opinion, Derrick Roach is one of the best private investigators! He is doing a fantastic job! Once again, thanks for this informative and interesting post! Keep up the good work!

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