Controversial Cartoon

This anonymous controversial cartoon was on one version of our January issue of the California Review. Please voice your thoughts & comment.

PS. This is an exercise in free speech, so any violence against any member of the California Review will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Update: The Fort Hood Report lacks any mention of Islam as a motivating factor

This just adds to our cartoon drawing attention to radical islam & the excess of political correctness running rampant in America.


  1. Joel Taubman · ·

    Could be funnier, but the right to freedom of the press (including printing images of Mohammed) must be preserved.

  2. The California Review · ·

    Many California Review staff members find this cartoon in bad taste, myself included. Just because you’re free to say something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wise to do so.

  3. Paul Khoury · ·

    Bad taste? Not when Muslims slam Christian and Jewish values. And freedom of speech still prevails. Now our Muslim president might get upset at this…

  4. […] Review has been brought into the controversy by a staff writer of the Union Tribune due to our “Underwear Bomber” cartoon during the January issue of the […]

  5. […] Review has been brought into the controversy by a staff writer of the Union Tribune due to our “Underwear Bomber” cartoon during the January issue of the […]

  6. If you’re going to make a potentially offensive cartoon, you should at least make it funny or have a point to it. This is just stupid. It’s like the Movie franchise (Epic Movie, Disaster Movie): they think it’s funny just because they put something in there from pop culture. This is the same thing. If I were the editor, I wouldn’t have let this through simply on the grounds that it’s poor quality.

  7. Saad Manzoor · ·

    I think it’s just wrong. Making fun of any religion or anyone’s belief is wrong. I think it’s a violation of human rights hidden under “Freedom of Speech”. Freedom of Speech does not mean that one is allowed to insult or hurt someone by making cartoon such as these. This just shows that the person responsible for this is an illiterate, and has no understanding of values. I hope people can learn to respect each other’s beliefs and not be exterimists all the time. I have no intention of hurting anyone with this comment.

  8. How is insulting or emotionally “hurting” someone’s feelings a violation of human rights? Seriously. I’m not saying intentionally insulting someone sometimes isn’t a nice thing to do, but how does it violate someone else’s rights?

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