Stop North Korea

Steven Perlin, Staff Writer

Recently, South Korea’s defense minister said that South Korea could launch a preemptive military strike against Pyongyang’s nuclear reactor if there is proof that a nuclear attack was imminent.

North Korea responded to this declaration by saying that any such attack would be treated as a declaration of war and that decisive military action would be taken.

And where exactly does this leave the United States? I feel that a preemptive military strike by the South would be applauded by the United States – behind the closed doors of the Oval Office. Publicly, the President would issue a statement condemning the attack. We would then see the beginning of a much larger conflict, with Japan taking the side of South Korea. Afraid for a similar fate, Iran could very possibly throw the Middle East into turmoil and launch a nuclear weapon into Israel. The United States would get involved because Israel is one of our strongest allies. Before we know it, we would have World War III on our hands.

Let’s avoid this mess. Force North Korea back to the negotiating table. Make them give up their arsenal. Pave the way for the government in Iran to follow in the footsteps of the North Koreans. Help to avoid the destruction of the Earth and force North Korea (with lots of foreign aid) to demilitarize and take care of its people.


One comment

  1. The funny thing about North Korea is that all the foreign aid in the world wouldn’t get them to change their backwards policies and militaristic stance. But I agree that negotiations are necessary to defuse the most imminent situations. We should continue doing so until a less trigger-happy government takes over.

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