A Manifesto To Those Who Love


Liberty is the right of every man to be honest. God bless those who stand with us against those who wish to enslave the minds of man in chains. We shall not falter to our loses, we shall not surrender to those whom wish to enslave us. STAND UP! We are with you as we pray you shall be with us! For we will not fail if we stand together against the tyranny of the unconsented state. Let us remind those that we have not consented to their government. WE HAVE NOT SURRENDERED OUR LIBERTIES FOR YOUR INTERESTS. The rights of men are endowed by our creator, and no war, no threats, no man shall deprive of us of these rights. I swear, here where I now stand that we will not lay down for you our land, our labor, and our lives. The only place for government is to protect our rights, not limit them. No longer should we turn the cold shoulder upon others, we must live a righteous life and share our prosperity with man! Not through coercive action, but through voluntary means. Remember the charity in our hearts. There is more to life than the goods of our labor. We must remind our Society of the kindness in our follow man. We must remind those who wish to spread good in this world that the use of coercion is not a justifiable mean to an ends. We must premise the virtues of liberty! To believe in freedom is to believe in man! To believe in a coercive government is to believe in the gospel of hate and slavery. Liberty is love. But, ultimately being a sacrificial being for others is the ultimate liberty that APPEALS to HEAVEN. Stand up men and woman of liberty. For here lays a manifesto we can all be proud of. Evil may swam our world now with its words of hate, pleasure and sloth. Yet, we eventually all die and for this we must be reminded with a greater cause to live up for, to be part of the symbol of what true love is. I love.


  1. Liberty · ·

    I just shed a tear for liberty

  2. Great insghit. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.

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