Rush EKO

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

Hey everyone,

I got this email from a good friend whose organization is holding a sustainability event at UCSD. Although sustainability is often portrayed as a liberal ideal when taken to extremes, it shares much in common with the conservative ideal of self-reliance. If sustainability is done voluntarily and without coercion, it can be beneficial in solving many of the problems that the US has. Remember, renewable resources can a strategic benefit to the United States, so we can break the stranglehold of OPEC.

Here is the blurb about the event:

Jessica Baltmanas, EcoNaut

The Housing EcoNauts are hosting “Rush EKO” during fifth week to encourage student involvement and advocacy for diverting on-campus waste and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. Tips, resources, support, and organizational outreach will be provided for students interested in advocating and promoting more personal sustainable practices. Events will take place on library walk week-long from February 2nd-5th. Join the EcoNauts and see how easy these changes can be!

Looking forwarding to meeting you there!

the EcoNauts

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