“Not classifying it as a hate crime.” Interesting…

KPBS: “A female student has come forward to take responsibility. Campus police are not classifying it as a hate crime, but they are saying the noose was left with the intent to terrorize.”

CBS: “A University of California statement said a student admitted she and two other people were responsible. The statement did not identify the students or their race or include a motive.”

Intent to terrorize, indeed. And it seems that ordinary folk like us are the target of said terror.

*UPDATE (1:00 am, 2/27/10): Student who hung noose suspended. Interestingly enough however, “The California Penal Code prohibits the display of certain symbols or crosses on private or school property with the intent to terrorize a person and provides for penalties of fines and imprisonment in the county jail for violators. Effective January 1, this law is amended to further prohibit a person from hanging a noose, knowing it to be a threat to life, for the purpose of terrorizing a person, at a place of employment, as well as on private property, schools or public parks, and imposes fines of up to $5,000, imprisonment in the county jail for up to one year, or both, for a first conviction, and fines of up to $15,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year for subsequent convictions.”

Why has her ethnicity not been identified and why was she not charged with a hate crime?


  1. Khalid Ibn Al-Walid · ·

    CRAZY RUMOR circulating now: the noose was part of an “art project.” This would not be unprecedented; there have been examples of this in the past, particularly Miami University (Ohio) in 2007.

    The protesters are getting angry at the Union-Tribune reporter for not being sympathetic enough. And they’re sticking around after 5 PM – are they ever going to leave? (Suggestion: let them stay, but don’t let anyone or any supplies in. When they get hungry/tired they can leave but not return). They’re also hilariously talking about how brave they are for missing class to be at the protest. Just pitiful.

    They’re also still attacking free speech. That’s really the most troubling aspect of the whole enterprise. I would love to debate them on a fair stage (i.e. not at one of their rallies) about the necessity of free speech on campus and in America.

  2. Protest: Over! · ·

    Quotes from their end-of-protest whining:
    “They’re dumber than we thought they were.” [referring to the UCSD administration]
    How classy.

    “I’m pretty pissed”
    That you weren’t given all your goodies immediately? So sad!

    “Clearly, they’re not taking us seriously.”
    They shouldn’t take you seriously. You guys are acting like spoiled brats.

    “…bad news is the university gave us a …what did you call it… ‘bullshit-ass document.'”
    How classy, I hope they get this part reported.

    Again, they topped it off with more self-congratulations. What a bunch of narcissists. They’re going to do this again next week.

    Also, no word about who the person who hung the noose is or why she did it, but that person has apparently been suspended.

  3. David Hume · ·

    I’m really tired of this. These people are not the next great activists. This has been done before when it was actually necessary during the civil rights movement. Try coming up with original material instead of imitating and trivializing the activists who fought for something when they really did face oppression and hate… recycling their rhetoric does not legitimize your alleged grievances. Based upon the various speeches, poetry, letters, and propaganda, you’d assume that we still lived in a fully segregated and hateful community. This is crazy.

  4. More chatter that it was some “artiste” trying to make a point. If it is, then we’ll all just have to laugh at the hilarity of one class of liberals (the racially aggrieved activists) fighting another class of liberals (the esoteric, too-smart-for-thou artistes). Of course, both sides will still blame conservatives for all their troubles.

    Also, I hear they’re canceling the Dr. Seuss birthday party. That makes no sense; what better way to unite the campus than to celebrate Dr. Seuss? Brilliant move, UCSD.

  5. @David Hume – I really wish that your sentiments could reach the activists, and I wholeheartedly agree with you. As much as I sympathize with the BSU — I really DO try and understand what these past events have meant for members of our minority populations at UCSD, I cannot sympathize with the logic of fracturing our University by walking out of a public forum where they would have had as much clout as anyone else in the room, or planning an uprising INTENDED to disrupt all the other students to demonstrate what they suffer through every day.

    I cannot stand by and watch as our collective value as UCSD graduates plummet because of the sore actions of a few. I wished that the entirety of the student body could rise above the hate and violence, and could have instead contributed to the restructuring of the University using discourse and discussion, not through blind hatred and anger. It seems the moment for this has passed, however. One can only hope the situation resolves within the next week, or that God has mercy on our souls.

  6. “a man can do as he will, but not will as he will,” has been an inspiration to me since my youth up, and a continual consolation and unfailing well-spring of patience in the face of the hardships of life, my own and others’. This feeling mercifully mitigates the sense of responsibility which so easily becomes paralyzing, and it prevents us from taking ourselves and other people too seriously; it conduces to a view of life in which humor, above all, has its due place. -Einstein

  7. race was probably not published cause at least 1 of the 3 participants was black

  8. Here is a snippet from the racist blog stopracismucsd.wordpress.com:

    “We need to make OUR pain THEIR pain.

    The large number of students and professors who do not yet get it need to be as inconvenienced as we feel threatened by this act. Exam time is coming round. Let them understand what it is to study in the shadow of a noose. We need to escalate this beyond Library Walk and take it into the classroom. If the students cannot attend lectures and concentrate in class study because they are hurting and angry, THEN NEITHER CAN WE TEACH IN THE SHADOW OF A NOOSE.

    We should gather on Library Walk and march across campus with all students who join us. We should choose a route that will take us to the natural sciences. We should stamp our feet and chant and boom and echo in the corridors of York Hall and Peterson Hall and everywhere else that large Bio classes are taking place.

    Let us meet on Library Walk asap. But we must take this further. Anxiety about disrupted classes and the coming exams are NOT the preserve of studious but uninvolved students. The magnificent leadership that has compelled this campus to recognize our common humanity are as committed and concerned about their studies as any other student on campus. We cannot sell them out. Not now! We cannot isolate them as noisy protesters who are not really interested in hard academic work.”

    I suppose if these clowns are going to disrupt final exams, the UCSD police and San Diego’s finest need to get involved. This is ridiculous.

  9. I hate cops, but I hope these clowns get crushed by the jackboot of SDPD/UCPD

  10. A “hate crime” is a tangible crime (e.g. assault, robbery, vandalism) that can be punished more harshly if it is determined that the crime was motivated by the victim’s inclusion in a particular social group (race, gender, etc).

    “Hate speech” is protected by the first amendment. “I hate black people” is legally acceptable speech, though it is morally wrong.

    All threats are unprotected speech. If a sign were to be posted that read “I am going to kill a black person soon,” we can all agree that should be illegal because of its imminent threat and intent to incite immediate fear. Because of the historical context and associations, a noose is considered an equivalent symbolic statement and is illegal for the same reasons.

    The hanging of a noose:
    1) is not a “hate crime” (would be illegal)
    2) is hate speech (legal)
    *3) is imminently threatening (illegal)*

  11. Montana, for someone so supposedly against bigotry, you do like to say “dumb white frat guy” a lot.

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