Liars & Deceit: Resolution by the Associated Students on Wednesday

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

The AS is full of liars. They really are trying to defund all media organizations. How are media organizations supposed to compete with other types of student organizations, especially if they call out the Associated Students on their actions. This is just asking for lawsuits.

As for the sponsor of this bill, it is none other than the #2 BIGGEST LIAR in the Associated Students, Vice President of Finance, Peter Benesch.

Why aren’t you waiting for the media review board to come up with suggestions, or waiting until 10th week to reopen funds as you swore to do on paper?

Signed by Peter Benesch on 2/25/10.

I urge everyone to come to the AS meeting at 6 pm on Wednesday at the Price Center Forum (4th Floor of PC East) to oppose this madness.


Resolution Regarding Print Media Funding Revision

WHEREAS the Associated Students of UC San Diego (hereafter referred to as the AS) recognizes that there are several fundamental institutional and structural inadequacies in the current print media funding process, as enumerated in Section 2.2 (d) and Section 2.3 (l) of the Standing Rules;

WHEREAS the AS is concerned that the current print media funding process does not advance the stated objectives of the AS, including but not limited to Article II of its Constitution;

WHEREAS the AS is concerned that the current print media funding process has allowed a small number of media organizations to monopolize a disproportionate amount of the total funding available;

WHEREAS the AS is concerned that the disclaimer it requires in all media publications is not sufficient to defeat the community’s perception that the AS does endorse the content of student media which it financially supports;

WHEREAS the budget of the AS is under increasing pressure due to the competing demands and has an obligation to allocate its limited resources to activities that in its judgment best promote student life at UCSD;

BE IT RESOLVED that the AS discontinue its current print media funding and all unexpended funds allocated for that purpose be reallocated to the AS general fund.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that nothing herein shall be construed as preventing print media organizations from applying for and receiving funding on the same basis and under the same terms and conditions as other registered student organizations.


Attachments below:
March, 3 2010 AS Agenda

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3



  1. The California Review · ·

    Comments about UCSD funding bussing that was previously here was proven to be inaccurate.

    We will continue to look for valid information, and if we get it then we will write about it.

  2. “You Lie!” You were channeling a little Joe Wilson there

    Anyways. Better round up all the newspapers for this one.

  3. About that number … Here is the file that corresponds to the BS(U) conference travel funds request:

    “From April 30th – May 1st 2010, the Black Student Union will be traveling to the 7th annual African Black Coalition (ABC) Conference being held at the University of California – Riverside.
    $15/person * (35 people) – $525
    Marriot Hotel $99/night * (10 rooms) – $1000/night * (2 nights) – $2000
    Gas – $60/car * (7 cars) – $420
    Grand total: $525 + $2000 + $420 = $2,945”


    Here is the official AS funding guide for student orgs:

    The category that this racist conference falls under is Operating Funding. In the description of the category, it says:

    “Operating funds are intended to support the day-to-day expenses of student
    orgs, including copying, as well as all travel associated with conferences
    and competitions. All student orgs are eligible for, but not guaranteed, up to
    $400 annually.”

    Now, let’s do some math here. $2,945 < $400

    Wait …

    Moving on down the document:

    "Both SOFAB and the Finance Committee will NOT fund nor reimburse the
    following items:

    10. Services provided by any members from their student organization."

    Is this where 7 cars at $60 per car supposed to come in? Are they hiring drivers? Because that would be the only way the services would not be provided by members.


    "Additionally, the Associated Students will pursue punitive actions including,
    but not limited to, a refund, the freezing of student org accounts, holding
    principal members personally accountable, and potentially legal action if it
    discovers that an organization used an allocation for:

    1. Any event that is not open to all undergraduate students at the
    University of California, San Diego."

    Let's see. Is anyone here white? Would you please go to BS(U) and demand you be included in the conference delegation?

  4. Seems like any other organization, say The California Review, should make a travel request for an equivalent amount and demand that it be met. Or threaten a lawsuit.

    This just goes to show that funding and treatment of student organizations is hardly content neutral on this campus. Take a look at the special treatment SAAC gets, including a suite of permanent offices in the Price Center, while other organizations have to fight for tiny bits of shared single rooms annually. Or look at the Student Sustainability Collective, which gets special funding and a chunk of the Sustainability Resource Center. Or for that matter, look at how SAAC gets seats on various committees like UCAB, while other organizations or groups of organizations (the Greek system, Christian orgs, Conservative orgs) have absolutely no specialized representative voice or special treatment in funding. A lot of these ethnic orgs get other fee and tax monies for their events through campus entitlement centers (Cross-Cultural, LGBT, Women’s) and programs as well.

    And yet they complain that UCSD is not doing “enough.”

    In turn, this highlights how once special treatment is granted, as in the case of racial preferences here at UCSD, this only motivates the privileged (in this case SAAC and their ilk) to push for more, for a bigger slice of the pie: they’ve been convinced they deserve it – this idea has only been enforced by an institution that concedes this – and very few are willing to stand up (especially few employed by the system) against this power and money grab.

  5. Ken Jackson · ·

    First, I suspect that whites would be welcome to attend that conference. My experience at minority conferences (black, asian, latino) is that they focus on issues of importance to these specific groups, but they aren’t hostile toward other minority groups or whites. In fact, if you are white, you’ll often find that your opinion will be requested more often than the average attendee.

    With that said, orgs should get equal funding. Or it should be a function of the number of active members in the organization.

    Unfunding all media organizations seems like a reasonable response. It gets around the issue of viewpoint bias. Seems like the best response to a messy situation.

  6. any truth to the rumors about a KKK hood being found on dr. seuss?


  7. Pics or didn’t happen

  8. Whether real or not, or staged by BSU agitators or a students claiming Geisel was racist, like the noose left by a female “minority student,” the rumor alone is absolute proof that all white people are racist, and that the only cure to this racism is to become a beta male collectivist-socialist with ample supplies of caucasi-guilt.

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