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Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

Much has happened at UCSD that needs to be analyzed.

Rumors of a KKK Style hood found on the Statue of Theodore Seuss Geisel next to the library have been spreading since approximately 11:15 last night. The UCSD Police shut down Geisel library early and roped off the area. This has been confirmed by a close friend of mine who was running by Geisel at the time. However the presence of a hood have not been verified by police. We will fill you in on this story as we get more information.

UPDATE: UCSD HAS FINALLY CONFIRMED HOODED SEUSS:“UC San Diego police are investigating the discovery about 11 p.m. Monday of what appeared to be a white pillowcase that had been crudely fashioned into a KKK-style hood with a hand-drawn symbol. It was placed on a statue outside the main campus library, and a rose was inserted into the statue’s fingers.

The items have been removed and the police are processing them for evidence, including fingerprint and DNA analysis. An aggressive police investigation is underway. University officials noted that this incident will be pursued with all of its authority, and individuals who are responsible will be punished to the full extent of the Student Code of Conduct and all applicable laws.”


As for the noose. What do we know? At about 10:30 it was noticed by the police to have been hung in Geisel Library on the 7th floor. A female turned herself in, admitted she had two accomplices, has been suspended, but not charged with a hate crime.Her ethnicity is unknown, although she claims to be a minority. This situation seems somewhat suspicious. However the school is coming very close to possibly violating FERPA. From our research it appears likely that she is a student in Warren College. Questions remain as to her identity and any connections to the BSU that she might have.

+Chancellor Fox Statement
+Update Police Email

Vandalism has been seen throughout UCSD over the last few days, some of which attempts to connect the controversy to the protests scheduled for March 4th.

On Friday, massive protests occurred on library walk beginning at about 8 am. For video footage of these protests, visit this youtube account.

As the day progressed, the protesters grew more angry. After receiving the response by the Chancellor to their list of 32 demands, BSU officers called it a “bullshit-ass document” before proceeding to occupy the chancellor’s office until sundown. According to the Associated Press, “The administration plans to resume talks with the students Monday, said Danny Widener, a history professor who supports the Black Student Union and participated in Friday’s discussions.” This is the same professor who is called out by Jiggaboo Jones on the Roger Hedgecock show for using the students by making the problems at UCSD worse. Jiggaboo Jones argues that “Some of these groups like The “Black Student Union” and their connected “political activists” won’t allow this progress because it threatens their very existence.” Roger Hedgecock wrote his own piece covering the controversy over the Compton Cookout and his discussion on the radio with Jiggaboo Jones. Jiggaboo Jones was also interviewed by Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson discussing the controversy at UCSD.

However, interestingly enough, the BSU has now reorganized and seemingly updated their list of demands. In fact, the BSU just reorganized them together by topic, while making demands that the University respond to them by March 4th.

Also, a letter to the editor in the Guardian by a student writer for the Office of Student Wellness presented a less angry approach to solving racism, while the UC Catholic Community at the Newman Center and the Muslim Students Association at UCSD and people from other denominations responded to the noose incident by placing roses and messages of healing on the 7th floor of Geisel.


The Battle Hate website of UCSD has some very interesting information hidden within it.

Links include the Academic code of conduct, statements by the UCSD administration, Associated Students, and Alumni have been doing to improve the campus climate, a press release by UCSD regarding the teach-in,and links to the ethnic studies department website.


Racial tensions continue to rise at other University of California schools.

• At UC Santa Cruz, a noose was found graffitied on the wall of a bathroom.

• At UC Irvine, an opinion piece by Hanna Guthrie in the New University Newspaper sparked a backlash of angry students against her well thought out argument. In it, she writes “Frankly, I don’t even like the term African-American to begin with. First of all, not all blacks are from Africa, and second, “hyphenating” everyone’s racial category in a country that, today, accepts people from all nationalities and backgrounds is a modern-day form of segregation. I wish we could all just be Americans.”

Also, students held a sit in on the fifth floor of Aldrich Hall on Wednesday, presenting a list of demands to the University, claiming to be tied to labor protests. Most of these demands are even more outlandish than those made by the BSU at UCSD. The Chancellor of UCI issued a statement on the situation at UCSD.

• At UC Davis, a swastika was found carved in a Jewish students door

Also, their LGBT center was vandalized.

At UC Berkeley, protests against the student fee increase have turned violent, as “as a crowd fought with police and set trash cans ablaze [along with breaking] into a former library facility under renovation and shattered some windows and sprayed graffiti inside. [In the Telegraph Avenue shopping district a crowd of about 200] threw bottles and rocks at police.”

Adam Weinberg from the Leadership Institute interviewed two students at UCB about the situation at UCSD.

• At UCLA on Friday, members of the Afrikan Student Union occupied Murphy Hall giving UCLA administrators demands ordering the “1. Closure of UCSD until there is a full investigation of events surrounding Compton Cook Out and the noose left hanging in Library.
2. Expulsion of offending students and dismantling of The Koala newspaper.
3. Diversity needs be met by March 4th. (see BSU demands from UCSD)”


In other news:

Five students were arrested during a sit in of California Assemblyman Neilsen, while students were escorted out of State Senator Steinberg’s office.

The Governator decided to weigh in on the situation, saying “I am deeply troubled by the horrific incidents that recently took place on various campuses of the University of California system. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior in our system of higher education or anywhere else and it will not be tolerated.”

UC President Mark Yudof posted his statement on the noose on facebook, stating that “Now is the time to affirm that there is no place for any expression of racism.”

The Los Angeles Civil Rights Association has said that “we are asking that the chancellor there suspend the people who are responsible and/or expel them for participating in activities that are not healthy for all the students who attend that university. We will not stand for the racism.”

The UCSD Guardian covered various aspects of the BSU’s demands and their potential feasibility, barely covers the AS body meeting’s controversy, the walk out by the BSU from the Teach-in, and featured an editorial by a leader of the Black Student Union.

The media malpractice continues, as evidenced by stories by KPBS, LA Times, and the New York Times. The San Diego City Beat called the Koala “bottom feeders who thrive on attention and use the First Amendment as a shield to protect their sick senses of humor from those who understandably would like to censor them. Folks inside and outside of the campus community played right into Gregorian’s hand when they reacted to his grab for the spotlight.” Although I don’t necessarily disagree with most of this statement, I wonder why they had to use this phrasing for their editorial. Also, the Union Tribune finally bought the Koala beers for an interview.

On the plus side however, some of the articles have been superb in their coverage and analysis of the situation. The UCSD Guardian’s editor board wrote another great piece on the situation at UCSD. The North County Times wrote a spectacular defense of the First Amendment in their most recent article about the controversy. Also, the California Review articles have been cited on a political science job forum. We also found the clip where the California Review was mentioned during the initial BSU protest because of our “Underwear Bomber” cartoon.


FIRE released six articles over the past week explaining the situation at UCSD. They outlined the new UC wide harassment policy as preventing UC administrators from prosecuting organizers of the “Compton Cookout.” They also cite our article on the California Review when reporting on AS upholding the funding freeze. FIRE also unveiled the double standard by UCSD administration between their reaction against the Koala and their actions against the Voz Fronteriza which in March 1995 advocated on behalf of killing US Border Patrol Agents. FIRE explained that the noose found on UCSD is not an example of protected speech, and explained that this action made free speech issues harder to argue at UCSD. FIRE also explained they were not condemning the Koala as hate speech. Finally, FIRE’s most recent article outlines the situation at UCSD and the shutdown of free speech.

To help FIRE, visit their website to email Chancellor Fox and AS President Utsav Gupta.

The Student Press Law Center (SPLC) has also made a statement regarding the funding freeze to the media organizations and the Free Expression Network has also reported on the controversy.


As for the Associated Students, in 2009 the Student Voice Slate described themselves as “a progressive student coalition advocating on behalf of COMMUNITY in all its forms. We want to unify and strengthen UCSD by creating a student government which prioritizes ALL members of the student body.

STUDENT VOICE! is built on the three principles of:
I. STUDENT EMPOWERMENT: give ALL students the ability to have their voice heard – YOUR voice is OUR voice.
II. ACCESS and AFFORDABILITY: ensuring ALL students have the opportunity to attend the university — education is a RIGHT, not a privilege!
III. CAMPUS COMMUNITY: unifying the campus while ensuring that diverse communities are represented”

Apparently the only voice they care about is the the one of censorship.

An UCSD Website’s profile about God King Gupta. According to this, he “knows how to grab an opportunity when he sees one.”
+Utsav Comments


We also just got an update from God King Gupta regarding the media committee that he keeps talking about, but no update as to when/where it will be meeting to discuss changes in UCSD funding policy.

Charge to the Special Committee to Review Media Organization Funding Bylaw Changes

However interestingly enough, The Collective Voice, the newspaper of SPACES (and by proxy the BSU), has just released its second issue of the year during the funding freeze because it is paid for by SPACES and rather than the AS. So they are getting school funding but the 33 student run papers cannot. See our previous article where we discuss SPACES. Hypocrisy much?



  1. Just posted this in the comment section of another article, but singonsandiego has a story up, including text of a UCSD police statement:

  2. Questioner · ·

    Would like to see a picture of this “KKK-style hood” to see if that’s what it’s supposed to really be and what this mysterious “symbol” on it is. Something again doesn’t seem right here…

    Also, if you want a hilarious, beyond self-parody, pseudo-intellectual view on recent events, you can’t get any better than this:

  3. I find it funny how there is a poll on asking “Do you think racism is a problem on campus?”, and the No vote is winning with a whopping 58%

  4. (Hannah)Montana, you need to stop trolling.

  5. The California Review · ·

    Montana, if you actually look at who is the staff of the Koala, none of them are white. Their editor is Armenian, the rest of their staff consists of Jews, Hispanics, and Indians. Stop making things up.

    I would address your other asinine points but I have a rule against feeding the trolls.

  6. Montana, I thought you were a total idiot, but then you mentioned the part about the Koala “staff wrestling each other,” which to me is just utterly disgraceful, and I’ve completely converted to your way of thinking. Thanks for showing me the light (a wide rainbow of colored lights, not just white light of course).

  7. Wouldn’t it be funny if Montana, who has been spamming every single blog that has been covering the UCSD racial events was the person pulling everyone’s puppet strings?

  8. oh wow…the March 4th event on campus image is a photoshopped soviet propaganda poster

  9. If anyone is interested in the soviet poster translation:

    Top: “To have more, need to produce more”
    Bottom: “To produce more, need to know more”

    Has anyone actually read the agenda? It seems like it was taken straight from Stalin’s handbook on building communism.

  10. They are not hiding that they are Socialists. The question is do all the other protesting students know what the Occupy CA group wants to happen? They want mayhem in the streets. They want to feel empowered against a system of power by breaking and burning shit.

  11. Judging from a lot of the reaction I’ve seen, I don’t think a lot of people across the political spectrum are aware of how some of these extreme leftist groups seize upon opportunities such as this, creating a furor and obviously even staging some events (like perhaps the noose, maybe the hood), in order to agitate, create chaos, terrorize and push radical agendas. Plus, they get to wear cool bandannas over their faces and smash windows with their Anarchy-symbol laden skateboards.

  12. Ken Jackson · ·

    I do think people do need to remember that the racist incidents have thus far been acts of very few people. I also attended UCSD (back in the day), and while there was racism, certainly no more than in the “real world”.

    What I would say is that we should avoid necessarily punishing the whole campus. But I do think that the person who made the “ungrateful” comment should proudly wear the tag of racist. If companies wish to hire him they should do so, and consumer/customers/partners can easily track this. The university and its students shouldn’t be punished, but those who actually committed acts should reap what they sow. Although I do think given the Koala’s nature, _some_ members would happily say they are racist (such as the editor) and work professionally for racist organizations. So it’s not really a punishment, but probably more a way of making sure that people who would prefer to avoid racists, can at least do so for the outspoken ones (like a sex offender registry).

  13. Any updates on today’s media rights letter presentation?

  14. be ready for the “Day of action” tomorrow. I work near the UCOP and the powers that be said to park far away and not wander around during lunch. I would avoid main areas of campus. god I hope the PD lays the jackboot on these socialist thugs.

  15. Here are some of the March 4 events I found here for UCSD and the San Diego region – looks mainly to be a march from Gilman to the library:

    UCSD (San Diego)
    ALL DAY: OPEN UNIVERSITY TEACH-OUT: We are asking professors and TAs to teach their classes/sections outside as a sign of solidarity with the March 4 protesters. If you have class on Thursdays, help us spread the word about this by asking your instructor to participate in this.
    11:00am – Press Conference (w/ panel of Workers, Staff, Undergrad, Grads, and Faculty). Location: Cross Cultural Center Art Space (2nd Floor, Price Center East).
    11:30am – Meet up in front of the Gilman Dr. Parking Structure (corner of Villa la Jolla Dr.) and march on over to Library Walk
    12:00pm-1:30pm – Rally in front of Geisel Library (Silent Tree) on Library Walk (there will be lots of speakers and performers; more details to follow).
    1:30pm – Mobilize people to get on #150 buses and go downtown for March to the Governor’s office (see below)
    Ending: we’re still figuring out how this will end. Some students have discussed setting up a tent city. More details about that to follow.
    The events that the UCSD Coalition is planning are intended to be peaceful demonstrations intended to bring together as many people as possible to denounce attacks against public higher education in California. We do not envision any sort of problems with the police, but just in case, we are recommending that people read THIS “know your rights” pamphlet (courtesy of our friends at the San Diego ACLU).

    UPDATE : If you will be participating in the Teach-Out on March 4th, please make sure to fill out the survey available HERE. This will assist us in the important task of figuring out logistics for the day.

    Downtown San Diego:
    2:30pm – 3:30pm – Gather at Park Blvd & Presidents Way (in Balboa Park, adjacent to the World Beat Center).
    3:30pm – 4:15pm – March to Governors Office (in Front St.). The walk is about 1.2 long (approx 35 mins).
    4:15pm – 5:30pm – Demonstration in front of Governors Office in San Diego


  16. Also, for your amusement, a list of the organizers demands which, opportunists that they are, go far beyond promoting publicly funded education into radical extremist views on prisons, war, illegal immigration, etc. – big surprise. Not really sure why they didn’t demand legalization of meth and free lifetime supplies of tempeh for all families as well. Maybe those will be next month:

    March 4 Day of Action and Strike in Defense of Public Education – California

    Northern California Regional Demands
    January 22, 2010 Draft

    All Out on March 4!

    Defend Public Education!

    * Fully funded, free public education from preschool through graduate school and adult education
    * Open admissions
    * No privatization; no charter schools
    * No union-busting
    * End No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top
    * Student, faculty, staff, parent, and working class community control over the entire public education system, from preK-12 through graduate school and adult education

    Protect Jobs and Social Services!

    * Full funding for all public and social services
    * Restore all cuts and expand vital public programs
    * No foreclosures

    End War and Close Prisons!

    * Money for jobs and education, not war and incarceration

    Defend Immigrants’ Rights!

    * Full citizenship rights for immigrants
    * No ICE raids, no deportations

  17. Skipped the So Cal Regional Demands, which are loony but condensed:

    Southern California Regional Demands
    January 18, 2010 Draft

    1. Restore and expand funding for education to provide jobs, education,
    health care and social services for all

    2. We demand that funding comes from taxing the rich, divesting from War
    and the Prison Industrial Complex.

    3. We demand that a livable wage be paid to all workers, alongside with an
    end to ALL budget cuts and the privatization of our schools.

    4. We demand democratic voting of laws and officials in all educational
    governments along with the repeal of the 2/3 vote in legislature.

  18. Ok, I’ve been dismissing these idiots (the “educational justice” communists) as sore losers that would rather protest than get a job, but this is getting downright scary. Their demands are pure and unaltered communism (not even socialism, COMMUNISM). “Student, faculty, staff, parent, and working class community control over the entire public education system, from preK-12 through graduate school and adult education” – how is that in any conceivable way American? It seems like their agenda would never get off the ground in this country, but everything starts small. First they protest, then they gain support among the race-baiting retards and lazy “underprivileged” (not all, but some), then before you know it, they run a person for a Congress or a Governor seat. I mean, look at Newsom and the People’s Republic of San Francisco – little by little, the city is going under. It would kinda suck to have the same happen to the rest of the state.

  19. Like a cult, they latch onto more reasonable – or at least more mainstream – ideas, in order to win folks over to the “fine print” hidden in the background. Or at least when people who don’t pay attention to all the demands, just the “fund education” part, it gives more credit to their wacky agenda when all these people are out there protesting education cuts, and the leaders of the movement hand over a list of nutjob demands that a good portion in the crowd don’t have any idea about, or likely don’t even understand.

  20. UCSD Lost and Found · ·

    We have had an international student from Valencia, Spain who reported to the UCSD Lost and Found that he lost his Semana Santa Hat. He also reported that he lost a piece of rope that was long enough to jump-rope with or make a lasso. If anyone finds these items contact the UCSD Lost and Found.

  21. Montana · ·

    D/CTR/Zoom: Yes, right its a communist plot, thay are all unAmerican and all of you are good at one thing following the leader (Beck, Hedgecock, Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush and Savage and the rest of the Blowhards), not funny. But what was funny is when you all came unglued when Beck called the Birthers crazy. Thats good stuff. Deal with that baby!

  22. Montana: did Beck sing about that in the tune about the gamma ray, or the one about the devil’s haircut? Thanks! xoxoxoxo, Zoom

  23. First I’d like to say, thank you for covering the events following the Compton Cookout.
    I appreciate the source of information. However, for all you commentators calling the protests “socialist”, “liberal-agenda-pushing”, etc. You’re all silly. Do you really think the people protesting have that level of planning? There are pissed off students, who want to show their anger in some way. They aren’t attempting a national, or even state-wide change of policy. Most of them, like me, are just pissed off because they have to pay more next year.
    So yeah, thanks for the coverage.

  24. The California Review · ·

    However, for all you commentators calling the protests “socialist”, “liberal-agenda-pushing”, etc. You’re all silly. Do you really think the people protesting have that level of planning? There are pissed off students, who want to show their anger in some way. They aren’t attempting a national, or even state-wide change of policy. Most of them, like me, are just pissed off because they have to pay more next year.

    You are correct that the protesters themselves do not have that level of planning.

    However, take a look at this:

    The March 4 Day of Action you are now witnessing was planned long before the Compton Cookout. The suicidal extreme leftists behind it are misinforming and taking advantage of the protesters for their own purposes.

  25. “Do you really think the people protesting have that level of planning?”

    So a stage, a sound system, dozens of signs and black power fists, and a silly-looking skeleton were all made in the heat of the moment?

  26. Joseph, please see my comment #19. Especially the part about “the leaders of the movement hand over a list of nutjob demands that a good portion in the crowd don’t have any idea about, or likely don’t even understand.” Thanks!

    Yeah, I don’t think a lot of kiddie out there have formulated much of a thought process about what they’re screaming about. They’re having too much playing the role of “radical.” But you have to question people who commit to action without, gee, looking up what they’re supporting in the first place.

    My main problem with a lot of those complaining about having to pay more, especially in this context, is that a great number of them expect other over-burdened taxpayers to foot that bill instead. If they were out there calling for a streamlined university and cutting waste, they and I would likely be closer to an agreement.

  27. D, that was a skeleton? I thought that was supposed to be Chancellor Fox.

  28. This is craziness. These kids are complaining about intolerance, and forgetting how intolerant THEY are of other opinions… i tried asking questions, but the mob mentality quickly yelled over me and applauded their triumph over my defeat… I came from the community college system, and i still think it is a triumph of public education and opportunity. and fee increases? was i the only one who got a grant to cover the expenses? they want free education? whos gunna pay? they complain about the development of the campus and say its wasted money, but don’t realize it will allow us to have more teaching space/more lectures/more students/more available funds through registration fees… maybe there is some huge conspiracy and the regents are a bunch of cat-petting villains, but i just got outta class. im poor. im being completely funded by ucsd/federal aid. i just don’t get these kids…

  29. In my opinion, they should all shut up and get loans – like all the struggling families paying the highest taxes in the country here in California have to do to buy a car, or a house, or start a business. Just goes to show, give an inch, and they’ll cut off your hand and feed it to their dogs.

  30. Zoom, don’t insult the skeleton

  31. You’re right, my apologies, D. The skeleton actually displayed some movement.

  32. can anyone address the rumors going around that you can drop without W until week 9 now? and that certain classes are going super easy on grading this quarter cause of all the hubbub?

  33. E, I hope it’s not true. All the “protesters” should accept the consequences of the choices they’ve made in the past week.

  34. “Our enemy is one and the same: university, authority and capitalism,” said Tomoko Horaguchi, vice president of the Hosei University branch of the All-Japan Federation of Student Self-Government Associations. “No violence can ever break solidarity of students.”

    What the heck is this guy doing in Oakland?

  35. Oh, look what “the Univeristy supports”:


    From: “Dominique Cano-Stocco, UC San Diego”
    Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 15:41:34 -0800
    Subject: Action for UC San Diego

    Dear UC San Diego Advocate:

    This week, there have been — and will continue to be — multiple efforts in Sacramento and on our campuses to draw attention to the serious budget challenges facing the University of California and our students, faculty and staff.

    On Monday, hundreds of UC students led by the UC Student Association marched and rallied at the Capitol to demand greater financial support from the state. Smaller groups, some in tandem with UC regents, chancellors and President Mark Yudof, met with legislators and Gov. Schwarzenegger to deliver a strong call for a dedicated funding stream for higher education and full funding for the state’s Cal Grant program. More about their efforts can be found here.

    Today, more events are expected statewide as part of a national “day of action” in defense of public education. Concerned faculty, staff, students, parents and others from UC as well as from CSU, the community colleges and K-12 schools have planned public rallies, marches, and even some campus walkouts and strikes.

    The university supports the efforts of our community and others to raise awareness of the fight to fund public education and, as always, urges participants to engage in a safe, civil and peaceful manner and remain open to the diverse views that will be expressed.

    As you know, California’s per-student funding for the university has fallen 54 percent since 1990, and in the current fiscal year we face at least a $1 billion gap in state funding. The dire nature of the cuts the university has endured has motivated many of you to speak out on our behalf — and that support is making a real difference in Sacramento and elsewhere. In the midst of all these efforts, it’s our goal that UC’s educational, research and public service missions continue uninterrupted, unbowed, and heartened by your support.

    Dominique Cano-Stocco
    Director, State and Local Government Relations
    UC San Diego

  36. Sayyid Qutub · ·

    Looks like the UCSD administration completely gave in to the BSU:

    Other departments who are losing faculty lines should take note that the only way to gain new faculty lines (at the expense of other depts) is to occupy the Chancellor’s office, insult everyone who disagrees with you, and throw the race card around constantly. Now the BSU and co. (i.e. the Ethnic Studies dept.) know that they can get whatever they want so long as they violate the law and “walk-out” from work. What a great precedent to set!

  37. Ugh, disgusting. More politically and philosophically biased GE requirement will be the worse, if implemented – luckily that’s just under review. Someone should really sue the university over the sorts of courses they hold now.

  38. FUCK THESE PROTESTERS. These fucking leftards stopped up traffic for like two fucking hours on the 980/880 interchange up here in the bay area. I wish Ahnuld had the stones like Reagan to call out the national guard on these thugs.

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