Middle East Bias at UCSD



  1. UCSD Jews and Israel:UCSD BSU and nooses

  2. @ E. In response to this event at UCSD the Jews at UCSD didn’t make demands of the University or of any organization affiliated with this event. I made the video to raise awareness about this one situation, and to see if anyone might be interested in donating a flag to the HDH office, rather than just having people realize that there is a bias at UCSD.

    Where I disagree with your analogy is that there is less of a bias at UCSD against minorities, but rather a bias in terms of beliefs, whereby more extreme liberal/anti-American/or anti-Western beliefs are more prevalent. However this is to be expected at California University.

    That’s my two cents.

  3. ConservativeMan1948 · ·

    Be worried about the unholy alliance between Islamists and the Western Left. Soon our campuses will have gone to hell in a handbasket with anti-Western demonstrations that no one will protest…then our cities will go down the drain, just as they did in Europe with marchers in London carrying signs of “UK you will pay Osama on the way” (with the police doing NOTHING).

    Thank God UCSD is as conservative as it is (at least compared to liberal hellholes such as UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz or UCI). However we are far from perfect…liberals are rearing their heads at this campus lately and spewing their agenda.

    Perhaps as Conservatives we could tolerate their other failings, but when they become bedfellows with Islamists and terrorists, WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS. This leaves the arena of conservatives/liberals and enters into the domain of are you a patriot/are you a traitor?


  4. I just mean that some Jewish students understandably tend to get very up in arms regarding anything with Israel. And likewise, certain black students tend to get very up in arms any time something happens with blacks.

  5. That’s not right. If you are going to have a Middle Eastern themed night you need to include all the countries that are in the Middle East. Even if you don’t agree with its existence, it does exist.

  6. pure awesomeness. go palestine.

  7. ConservativeMan1948 · ·


  8. Christine · ·

    The Cal Review is pure entertainment. Are you guys that bored? Come on, finals are coming up, go do something with your lives!!

  9. I contacted that guy and he said that he isn’t the one in charge of it – reslife is where you got to go to complain.

  10. esther grace · ·

    if the event had an overt anti-israel bias that would be different, but not putting a flag is nothing, i didn’t see a turkish flag either

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