Liberty Overrated

Kenny Norton, SDSU Contributor

What has happened to us over the past 230 years? Have we become so dependent on others that we cannot possibly live for ourselves?

I am writing this with a broken finger way past my bedtime because I could not fall asleep. I was thinking to myself: why would people willingly vote away their freedom just to see a little incentive in return? Sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone left in this country who sees the problems we are soon about to face. We continue to vote for unqualified “professionals” year after year to a position that contains the single greatest power in history of mankind.

But apparently it’s ok: liberty is overrated. Welfare is all the human needs to survive now. Liberty just leaves people behind, especially those who are weak, physically or mentally, or of a different race, of a different gender, of a different sexual orientation. Freedom is not as important as equality, because equality assures that no one falls down, or stands up. There is no need to make as much money as you deserve, because you take it from other’s pockets, and you deprive them of the basics of life that you have already acheived. There is no need to make that much money, because others are suffering, and your help is required to save them. There is no need to make that much money, so we’ll just take it from you and level the playing field. We’re sorry it’s an incovenience, but it’s for the welfare of mankind.

Liberty is overrated, because we have grown men to make our decisions for us, whether we believe it is the right or wrong decision. We can suck our thumbs and cry, but it’s ok: our presidents and Congress are here to save us from our hell on Earth. They will give us our food, our shelter, our loans, our health, our life. All they want in return is for you to remain quiet and drink the Kool-Aid. They guarentee it tastes good, even though they didn’t read the ingredients of how to make it. Just breathe and swallow.

Liberty is overrated, because people don’t make mistakes anymore. We are all perfect souls; we don’t make bad decisions. If we did, we would have learned from them, but we have not for the past several decades.

Liberty is overrated, because progress is more important now.

Liberty is overrated, because political correctedness is more important too.

Liberty is overrated, because we are too big to fail.

Liberty is overrated, because politics is only for the few with big “D’s” or “R’s” next to their names.

Liberty is overrated, because the Constitution was written by a bunch of racist white supremacists.

Liberty is overrated, because the Constitution is a living document that evolves to the times.

Liberty is overrated, because we can always pass our problems to the next generation.

Liberty is overrated, because what I say doesn’t matter.

I hope I infuriate people with this blog, because I want to wake people up. We’re gotten lost in this high from a joint that we smoked decades ago, and we have not fallen to Earth yet. While we got lost, our liberty has become something that can be pulled from under our feet. It’s become a checklist of things Congress is trying to cross off, one sentence of the Constitution at a time. And how do we respond? We clap, we cheer, and we shake hands with those trying to steal what’s ours. If people wonder why others get angry when our superiors make drastic decisions for us, it’s because we realize this, and you have failed to!

The Constitution is not a living document: it does not have a heartbeat. It is made of paper, and it is written in ink, not blood. It it were meant to be changed, it would have been written in pencil.

Before I go, I wanted to mention something. I was curiously looking up the most free countries in the world, expecting to see the United States at number one. To my suprise, we were not first. After several lists of “most free countries”, Switzerland was number one; we averaged number eight, behind Canada. How can we, the founder of modern day democracy, the country that at one point contained the smartest philosophers in history of the world, not be in first place in the “most free country” list? Something is wrong with us.

We are walking down a dark, scary road, hand in hand with people willing to slit our throats for power and fame. What are you going to do about it? What are you going to say to those people as they slide the blade across you neck? It’s ok? I deserved it?

We do not deserve this blatant destruction of liberty. Not Republicans, not Democrats, not Libertarians, not America. This land is ours, let’s take it back. And if we don’t, you can write to me in Switzerland.

Vivo Libertas!

And now I’m off to bed.

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  1. I’m not really sure how I feel about this article yet, but this I had to rebutt right off the bat: “The Constitution is not a living document: it does not have a heartbeat. It is made of paper, and it is written in ink, not blood. It it were meant to be changed, it would have been written in pencil.”….Um, the Constitution HAS to change with the times. If if didn’t, black people, young people, and women would still be disenfranchised, the federal government would still be taking too much power away from states, the president could serve forever, the poll tax would still be legal, etc. etc. I’m as conservative as they come, and I do believe that the essence and spirit of the Constitution should remain untouched and I definitely don’t support judicial activism, but come on now; let’s not take us back to the 1800s.

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