Some Thoughts On Partisan Hypocrisy

Angelica Malik, Young Americans for Liberty at UCSD

Lately I’ve been thinking about the hypocrisy I observe in the ways people engage and relate to politics today. It goes without saying that our current political landscape is immensely polarized and it is evident the moderates have been consumed by partisan rhetoric. I find it ironic that people are content to fall in line with their respective parties even when many of that party’s positions are essentially counter-intuitive to the other stances they hold. For instance the neoconservative agenda of nation building stands in direct conflict with the ideal this nation was founded on that; it is the responsibility of the people to raise up against the injustices of the government. What is the point of Democracy if it is forced upon people? Independence must be fought for by the people who would seek to benefit from it or the consequences are such that we have already witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan where the vacuum of power created by third party influence nearly resulted in civil war and a failed state.

On the other side of the coin you have the radical progressive movement toward socialism. Their moral agenda is not unlike the moral agenda of the right wing which posits itself in favor of a never ending war on drugs and upholding their prescribed “family values”. However the left wing progressives are far worse because their rampant sentimentality and idealism has led to a moral “war on poverty” which in turn has resulted in an ever encroaching war on the civil liberties of the very people they are trying to indulge. They seem to think that happiness is your very whim being granted to you by a ubiquitous nanny state, but what they fail to realize is an idea that the signers of our Declaration of Independence understood when they wrote “pursuit of happiness”, an idea that it is the work and struggle for something that leads to self actualization and contentment, not the complacency for which the progressives advocate. I also find it ironic that the people who want to put socialism and communism in place are the people who would hurt most by it because their radical individuality would be extinguished along with everyone else’s.



  1. Speaking as a socialist I find your comment that “radical individuality would be extinguished” to be quite misdirected. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the experience of ordering at a McDonald’s before. I don’t know what you’ve seen, but I do not look past the counter and see a lot of “radical individuals.” I see uniforms, repetitive work, boredom. Most companies operate by a hierarchical, top-down structure where managers are employed to regulate workload, behavior and decision-making. And just as in any authoritarian state individual creativity may be rewarded, but only when it benefits the higher-ups, it’s never for its own sake. For a worker, the time spent at work is the company’s. Marx criticized such a system, calling it his “theory of alienation.” If you’ve ever read Marx you will not find someone claiming work is unimportant and “nanny states” should fulfill personal whims. He looked beyond what you see as “work for something” and advocated work itself as an end. And it would only be under a form of socialism where you find the idea of worker control over one’s own labor. Personally, if I was to be an “individual” I think my chances of it are drastically higher in a democratic work environment, rather than an authoritarian one.

  2. @palabrer- This comment is in response to Palabrer. You’re a Socialist but have you ever lived in a socialistic country before? I find you comment to be extremely misdirected. Have you ever been to government agency before? How about the DMV? I see people working behind desks filling out endless stakes of paperwork, that is repetitive work and boredom Palabrer.I find waiting in line for 2 hours just to register to my car with the state extremely boring. I’m no fan of McDonald’s but I will use you’re own analogy. At leas at McDonald’s as soon as you’re in your out. They don’t try to waste your time because time is profit and when something is driven by profit it is more efficient. Furthermore, you don’t have to eat at McDonald’s. You can eat at Burger King, Olive Garden or Carl’s Junior, the list goes on and on and all of those companies are in constant competition with each other which forces them to constantly come up with new ideas. When you need to register you’re car, how many choices do you get other then the DMV? How many other places is the DMV competing with? Do you ever hear about them coming up with new ideas about how to get people in and out quicker? No, because they’re run by the government, and thus there is no competition and thus there is no incentive for reward and nothing ever changes. It’s the same old horrible service year after year.

    Almost ever single technological break through that has happened over the past 100 years has happened as a result of Capitalism, not Marxist ideology. Was the computer, TV, cell phone, or even penicillin created in a socialistic or communistic country? No, they were created here in a capitalistic country because capitalism encourages creativity and ingenuity. I find Marxists extremely hypocritical because they use technology and have electricity in there homes, but they would be living in the dark ages if it wasn’t for the system that they want to eradicate. We have electricity in out homes because of capitalism. Edison’s assistant saw a need to make electricity more affordable and accessible to the masses. He started a company that made this possible and yes he wanted to make a profit doing it, but we have all benefited as a result. You would be sitting at a desk reading by candle light it wasn’t for capitalism, so yes capitalism does encourage freedom, individuality and creativity more so than any other economic system throughout history and I have plenty of factual evidence to back that up.

  3. Palabrer,

    A worker is always under control of his own labor. Or, is your claim that the minimum wage earner at McDonald’s was forced to work? No, he entered in a contract with his employer voluntarily. It is no different anywhere else; I currently work at Kmart for minimum wage because I voluntarily decided to do so. Nobody owns my labor, I just decide to sell it as a good because what I get in return (minimum wage) has higher utility.

  4. Of course you don’t see radical individuals at McDonald’s. They’re people who are voluntarily working. They get the satisfaction of knowing they worked for their money unlike leaches like you. She was talking about how socialism and communism extinguish individuality. Of course it does! They want uniformity so idiots like you fall in line with everyone else and slave away to have your money go to people who use welfare to buy a plasma TV and weed. Did you even read the article? Nothing she wrote has anything to do with what you are saying. You wouldn’t know socialism if it bit you on the ass. Try living in Russia where they line up for twelve hours for a loaf of bread. There are no jobs because there is no private capital. Do you think governments create wealth? Do you know anything about economics? Private entrepreneurship creates capital and that capital feeds the national wealth. The money has to come from somewhere. You would advocate for work itself as an end? That’s called slavery. People work to feed their families, and believe me, a doctor doesn’t want to break his back in eight years of school to be paid the same wage as a garbage man. You know nothing about how economics works and obviously you don’t know how to read either.

  5. dang nice story bro.

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