Live Blog of ASUCSD of Israel Divestment Meeting on 4/28/10

Meeting begins 6:00 PM, 4/28/10.

Follow the meeting here. Refresh this page to view updates.

California Review Correspondent: Gabriella Hoffman

Watch the finale on U-stream. (You may need to turn your mic all the way up, as AS Senators are rather quiet.

[4/28/10 6:20:37 PM] Gabriella Hoffman:First speaker: Intervarsity Chair. He is for the divestment from Israel, although he claims not to support either of side

[4/28/10 6:22:17 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: 2nd Speaker: BSU member. She doesn’t like the investment of companies to ISRAEL BECAUSE OF PAIN HER FAMILY FELT

[4/28/10 6:26:37 PM] BSU President David Richardson – He is saying this is a political move. They aren’t picking sides and mocked Adam Teitelbaum talking about claiming we feel alienated

[4/28/10 6:28:09 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Janelle from BSU: SHE BELIEVES THAT AS SHOULD NOT INVEST IN THIS and ucsd DOESN’T CHOSE TO INVEST IN THIS. Political power that UCSD/AS has no power. AS doesn’t invest in Palestinian. Believes we should talk this matter to UC Regents. But calling Israel an occupier is wrong. It’s not neutral bill
AS has no power to invest, so it’s essentially a political vote. This is greater than what AS is a part of. Fragmented three groups I’m in on campus. Voting in a political stance. Don’t be swayed by emotional appeal. Students are first but this Not a student issue

[4/28/10 6:30:58 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Jewish student in support for the resolution – Argues we’re divided, to divest from Israel, benefitting one side and wants to restore neutrality our school desires by recognizing a common ground

[4/28/10 6:33:22 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Marshall College – welcomes Bishop of Jerusalem. Proud to see spectrum of Americans. Old immigrants to new immigrants. Country of freedom to speak in diverse situations. Change of our president who brought such great change. I love the Jews and we are friends. Born in Haifa had to abandon it. We need to be forward looking. Peace will never come by negotiations. Peace is made what is written on gate of Congress library “God requires you to do justice.” For Israelis for Palestinians and Americans

[4/28/10 6:36:48 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Natalie Katz speaking – Complicated Issue. Not a clear answer to the issue. Vote no.

[4/28/10 6:37:13 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: AS represents student body, the whole student body. This alienates good part of the body. The pain is important and the Jewish community will feel pain and will be ostracised if passed. We should foster atmosphere for all to be and feel welcomed.

[4/28/10 6:38:11 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Dafna Barzilay – President of TFI speaking now. My job is to support and protect my community but I’m fearful for community of pro-Israel students. This is extremely unfair. Although it never directly mentions Israel it makes offesnses against Israel by taking sources form UN and anti-Israel orgs. It has anti-Israel bias. Peace incorporates talks and negotiations, not to be done overnight, and will take years to do. Reconsider it, but not as a source to peace, Help me foster a cohesive community.

[4/28/10 6:40:54 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Rebecca Ismakov – When written with bias against Israel, it’s not netural at all, despite the attempt to make it not anti-Israel. Hamas sends rockets into Israel, but no mention of Israel’s right to defend itself in the bill. Neutral- has to present both sides. Invest in companies for own financial benefit

[4/28/10 6:43:20 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Maria Estrada from SDSU with SJP. I do believe in peace. UCSD to be opposed to human events “neutral.” As a MX citizen and AZ border conflict given to press people give voice and forum and debate for this conflict

[4/28/10 6:45:45 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Israeli grad student at UCSD. At 18, DRAFTED in Israeli army. Fought in gaza in and after retreat served in West Bank in operations. IDF is army of the people where everybody participates. Fights to minimize pain and casualties. Some things are bigger than us. Israeli/Jewish people have no other country but Israel. Jews can live free there, although minority in US but Jews can’t maintain identity except in ISRAEL. In Gaza they elected Hamas which is a terrorist organization that deprives it’s own people of human rights

[4/28/10 6:49:51 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Ben Bathlezar – Jewish voices for peace. Is this good for the Jews? Resolution is good for the Jews. Goldstone is someone who needs to be listened to. I urge you to pass this resolution

[4/28/10 6:53:19 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Aaron Dimsdale – Jewish Students for Peace/Pro-Divestment at UCSD. NO BULLETS AND BOMBS. Not speaking for all jewish students, just himself. Feels other groups have a mandate on what all jewish students believe and is alienated by them. Resolution not about jewish people, but 2 companies and IDF. My family was forced into pogroms in europe and suffered

[4/28/10 6:57:23 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next speaker: Mico Palen – Urge you vote for divestment. I served in army too. Feels as proud as people who marched with mlk, fought apartheid. Vote for divesment. World is listening waiting to hear what you have to say.

[4/28/10 6:59:04 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Co-chair of foundation for girl who was killed in attack and another shot in attack by Israeli soldier.

[4/28/10 7:00:07 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Shira Lietner – Shocked by this resolution. Proponents will have you believe this is for peace and for neurality. This resolution anything but neutral or one peace as it targets one side of the conflict. Two sides to every story, not one side. This resolution has offended me and my community to push through resolution. Vote NO. ASUCSD promised to not undermine minorities on campus.

[4/28/10 7:03:17 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Noam Cadouri – I’m appalled on two things. Conflict is competition of whose awfulness is worse to judge that occupation of Gaza/West bank is treacherous. I acknowledge problems of everyone. To divest from all war worldwide. This is not neutral, if it were really neutral it would bring both sides, not competition. This bill alienates us.

[4/28/10 7:06:38 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Annie from SJP – So many communities brought together. I know firsthand dangers in Israel and the attacks there. My family was attacked, bombs in background. How to stop missiles from invading. Conditions in Gaza haven’t changed. Stop funding from education to going to defense contractors. Be responsible how student tuition money to go to

[4/28/10 7:10:43 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: White guy – Divest from GE and etc. Not about marginalizing two communities, but about divesting from companies. Beyond us as a big thing, beyond us as a community, action is needed now for those who oppose this occupation. My contribution of funds to be suspended

[4/28/10 7:12:52 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Talia Rybak – Resolution not neutral by signaling out only Jewish state in the world. Purpose to delegitmize Israel from face of this Earth. Israel couldn’t be compared to apartheid in South Africa. That was a clear human rights issue. Doesn’t blame suffering on Hamas. A humans rights crisis doesn’t exist in ISRAEL. Since Israel’s est. in 1948 it has received persecution. My family served in IDF, the most effective force in the world. It’s an insult to my family about negative thoughts on IDF. AS NO MORAL CLARITY VOTE NO ON DIVESTMENT. Don’t isolate me

[4/28/10 7:16:34 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Jessica Baltmanas – reading letter from student at Tel Aviv University

[4/28/10 7:23:03 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Oliver Burchell – SJP. Echo voice of brothers and sister undergoing turmoil. How US fees perpetuating violence in occupation and supporting violence. Fund education, not catastrophes.

[4/28/10 7:25:52 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Brian Pyle – Measure to talk about US corporations to not accept status quo anymore. Never had bomb go off near me, why do we want student fees to build more bombs.

[4/28/10 7:29:10 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Palestinian – Couldn’t sleep during bombs. Don’t fund corporations that threaten me at expense of uncle’s murder. Can’t forget where I can from and their oppression. This resolution brings together more student orgs than any other resolution at UCSD.

[4/28/10 7:31:39 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Erin Rebecca Brodwin – Worked to divest from Russel foundation. Helped get Student Sustainability Collective established. AS Promote atmosphere of social justice environment.

[4/28/10 7:33:36 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Matt Zillber – Student of Policy Director. Not one penny goes to UC investment fund. You’re lying if you think your money goes to it. GE capital created to lose money to get tax benefits and put out Twilight. Readers’ Digest not responsible for weaponry. Issue blown way out of proportion

[4/28/10 7:36:12 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Adam Teitlebaum – My reputation proceeds me. I’m confused. AS meeting about peace and neutrality profiting from occupation as recommendation to uc regents to divest from conflict in Jerusalem and Gaza. Two different resolutions. Not discussion about resolution but a debate about Middle East policy. This resolution talks about an issue that is emotionally driven. Fight broke out with senator last night, regarding event: Apartheid Week. There they’re CALLING ME ZIONISTS, NAZIS

[4/28/10 7:39:15 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Scott Kaufman – Speak out against the resolution. Not about profiteering

[4/28/10 7:44:20 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Andy Nehaus – Alumn for SJP

[4/28/10 7:49:13 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Aron Horning: I support human right

[4/28/10 7:49:55 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: AS student advocate – Support student rights every day, job is to support students of all interests. Don’t proscribe one belief, but encourage many. It is irresponsible for ASUCSD to pass bill as it is written.

[4/28/10 7:53:14 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Rose: Tone of resolution not neutral, biased and hostile nature. AS is in the spotlight of issue not be involved with. If passed, I’d feel outcast. ASUCSD isn’t place for this issue

[4/28/10 7:54:45 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: active member of UCSD, in opposition to bill. It’s presented as unbiased but it isn’t.

[4/28/10 7:55:56 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Guys Family hosted young man from gaza who was shot by IDF after he heard story. Then invasion on gaza began. States difference betwenn BSU and pro-Israel community. He believes in human rights. Occupation affecting people. Zionist or not a Zionist, Israeli Government needs to be held accoutable to its actions.

[4/28/10 7:59:07 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Layla Sharif, Palestinian – Bullet holes all over my uncle’s house. Not removed from UCSD campus, cohesion based on neutrality and passivity. UCSD is apathetic & disengaged. Last winter, powerful moment after Compton Cookout, finally was real cohesion. Want UCSD policy that supports justice.

[4/28/10 8:01:29 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Lior from TFI – IT’S CLEAR THAT BILL IS A GESTURE. Gesture for peace is beautiful but this is not causing justice. Come to TFI to write a resolution to envision peace together. No resolution until we work together. No hostile campus climate.

[4/28/10 8:02:57 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Gaby Abhoot, TFI – Elevated levels of hate at Berkeley. Swastikas and physical assault. My parents value education and considered moving me from this campus. UC community at whole will be jeopardize

[4/28/10 8:04:14 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Mark, Grad Student – This resolution is Implicitly against Irael. Egypt doing same with blockading Gaza. Hospital equipment made by GE is here at UCSD MEDICAL. As students, do you think you have expertise at passing resolution? No

[4/28/10 8:05:43 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next Student. I came to UCSD to learn. Don’t want swastikas, don’t want to be called Nazi, don’t want to defend myself for being Jewish.

[4/28/10 8:06:23 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next Student: Can’t take issue on divestment without knowing. Absolute and utter mistake to take hearsay and make an important decision that impacts lives without fully understanding it. To not support Israel to defend itself is to not support Israel to exist

[4/28/10 8:08:59 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Max Hopper, Senior at Muir – Lack of talking about resolution. ASUCSD widely recognizes inability of a body to adjudicate matters. Deny resolution on these grounds. Two suggestions this resolution is making: that ISRAEL is causing violation of law, or adjudicating action on international law
resolution cannot be passed.

[4/28/10 8:12:13 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Daniel Desta – I’m here because I’m proud Israeli. Fled Ethiopia and Israel provided home for me. In Israel, everyone is equal. When I lived in Jerusalem, I had to take two buses to get to school to avoid suicide bombers. Would you let them play roulette with my life. But our voice not heard here, bomber killed 26 people in a night club. What are we divesting from.

[4/28/10 8:14:40 PM] Gabriella Hoffman:Janelle from BSU: INVEST IN POLITICAL VOTE. Media funding fragmenting our communities. Why not recommend open forums with debates

[4/28/10 8:15:29 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Sarah Tehrani, TFI – BILL too controversial for AS

[4/28/10 8:18:33 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Sixth College Senator Leena – Israel apartheid of our time. Unpopular because against status quo. Support Justice. Institutionalized bias is a vote for no.

[4/28/10 8:21:56 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Jamie – I’m member of Greek Community. Coming here, the fact that I might be considered Jewish, Israeli, now makes me feel alienated. We should be respectful for each side. We may be for one side or another, but you need to understand both have strong emotions. This is not place to hear this issue, and AS is wrong to make decision

[4/28/10 8:24:12 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Next: Gabi Tripolsky – Why I oppose this bill. Israel is a country where politically and culturally different views are accepted and appreciated.I can associate with community where voice and opinion can fly and be with people who may be Republican or Democrat, gay or straight, european or persian. In Israel, we’re all together, and Israel believes in equality and social justice, because look at Israel, gay marriage is legal, Women’s rights are protected. Thse do not exist anywhere else in Middle East. I’m proud to represent Israel community. Bill singles out Israel and Jewish community. I don’t want my voice suppressed, If passed, repercussions will be something my peers and I will have to face. I don’t want to face Berkeley here. Make my future cohesive.

[4/28/10 8:28:31 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Public input has ended. Overextended by 45 minutes. But more to follow. Now onto campus affairs…

[4/28/10 8:30:52 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: 15 minutes for presentation

[4/28/10 8:32:56 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Adam Kenworthy making a special presentation…
Make it neutral. Do we know enough to make it likely. Vietnam war of our generation. We should not be sitting here and following this conflict. I respect everyone in this room. AS council, if you pass or fail this tonight, where will you be tomorrow? Advocating for human rights? Putting words into actions or are you going to be chilling out or decompressing after this night? I challenge you to take a stance. Serve up your bolonga to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Student gov’ts, is not what I thought it was. Remember, the real power doesn’t lie in this room. I love this university, but this should not be happening at our university.

[4/28/10 8:41:12 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Rishi and Chris Westling making a special presentation, the co-writers of the resolution, and those with Berkeley.
When you are a representative government it is your duty that voices are heard. We do not have a choice as to where our general endowment money is, but we do have a choice as to where our student fees go. However, my freshman year we voted to divest from companies profiting from war in Darfur.
An American Jewish activist, Ana Baltzer, who appeared on the Daily Show, sent us a message. Watching now.

[4/28/10 8:52:11 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Film: As a Jewish, violates basic principles in Judaism. Nothing Jewish about occupation and human rights violations. To conflate criticism of Judaism and human rights violations is dangerous to make. When are Human Rights controversial? Don’t we all deserve human rights? Corporations should be held accountable, and you’re not holding GE and United Corp to standard. If you came to me for divestment advice, I would support it. The bill isn’t divisive. I commend UCSD noble commitment to promoting peace, Proud as a Californian. I’m inspired by your efforts, and hope you continue legacy by divesting from Israel and weapons. Tragedy to Palestinian people to invest is perpetuating conflict, but on the contrary, it’s tempting to not get involved, but if you pay tuition at UCSD, you’re already involved. This bill isn’t asking you to take a side, but only to end support for one side. I urge you to pass this bill. Do what you know in your heart to be right. Good luck.

[4/28/10 8:56:37 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Chris Westling: Bill is not to divest from Israel, but to divest from companies involved in human rights violations. Don’t be told you have right you can’t divest.

[4/28/10 8:58:27 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Another video for AS from Heidy Epstein in St. Louis. In support of resolution and peace and neutrality by divesting from US corp. from contributing to human rights violations. From Germany, persecution of Jews, boycotted, business closed by the Nazis in 1938 on the Night of Broken Glass. Motion to extend video I left Germany on kinder transport to England, but my family deported to Aushwitz. As teenager, I fought for human rights. I came to US same month Israel became a state. In 1982 I learned about massacres in Lebanon, while in 2003 I was in Israeli-occupied in West Bank where I witnessed Israel’s occupation in West Bank. Israel has been in violation of int’l law!, see the UN-Goldstone commission report. Opponents of divestment complain it alienates moderates in israel and condones terrorism. The question is not when, but if- time to reaffirm commitment to struggle for social justice.

[4/28/10 9:09:01 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Daniel Friedman of TFI speak. This whole Jewish thing… How many know more about Judaism than me? Who went to school from 7am till 5am studying Hebrew more than me? I wouldn’t dare to say I can speak for the entire Jewish community. But I can speak for the Jewish Community at UCSD, because we sit down and talk all the time. I invite you to come and engage in dialogue. All voting members of AS. Will you be responsible after this event, take personal responsibility for what would happen after this? If G-d forbid a student was attacked? Like I’ve been? 2000+ PEOPLE signed the bill asking AS for neutrality. I’m Jewish, come talk to us.

[4/28/10 9:13:42 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Engineering Senator Adi Singer making a special presentation. UCSD Vision Statement. Diverse, but unified voice. I don’t see unified voice here (Adi Singer). No argument about peace and human rights. Thing is, we want a unified voice and AS to represent us. Who has read the Goldstone Report? [4 hands up] AS, sorry to insult you, but you’re not educated enough on this issue. Do you know what Congress had to say about the Goldstone Report? 334 members of HR said Goldstone is biased. House and Senate passed this overwhelmingly. When you say Israel bombed a Gaza school…why engage in military contact? Israel begged Hamas to stop bombs. No one cared. Resolution for neutrality, no it isn’t…
Berkeley recognizes Israel’s right to exist.

[4/28/10 9:17:54 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: (Public being rude to Daniel)I want that same respect that I gave you all. Adi – If we had dialogue, worked on together, this would have been avoided. Nobody here pays a penny to companies. Not neutral, it’s biased, on one side of the spectrum. Bill was propsed, sounds like anti-Israel bill to me. By showing one side, alienating pro-Israel community in my school. I’m not speaking for all Jews. I don’t want to hear complaints from Jewish mothers. Who know the GDP of last year’s growth in the US? Who knows Israel? Occupied Ramalah? 8 %. Sounds like somewhere I’d like to get a job. You don’t have to agree, but respect me. This is a very tense issue, violence is escalating across the state. This has led to attacks at UC Berkeley, and my friend was attacked at UC Davis. My friend had swastikas carved in his room. I don’t want escalation here, de-escalate in Middle East. I was in between two people wanting to punch another, one for this bill and one who hasn’t take a stance yet. Campus climate is important at any school to allow the free exchange of ideas. If not, I’ll find another university. Foster a cohesive community at UCSD but that’s not happening because of resolution. It’s illegal to divest from single country. We can’t tell UC Regents what to do with their money, since it’s through donations.

[4/28/10 9:27:21 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: (Adi Singer) One speaker said that silencing speaker doesn’t lead to cohesive campus. If needed, write a joint resolution. Video being shown about Berkeley divestment attempt.

[4/28/10 9:30:39 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Will Smelko, UCB President – Even with South Africa, they took a year and formed a general community with blueprints with people. Here Senate just considered issue with huge magnitude. Clearly a different issue than SA apartheid, where then they had no physical altercations, no long meetings. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not one that we should not be dealing with. Foster more campus dialogue, not get late minute votes at 2:30am in the morning. A swastika was drawn on the wall at Berkeley a couple weeks ago, after spent year building community. This just signals out community on campus. Raise support rather than solve situation in the Middle East.

[4/28/10 9:36:28 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Adi: We’re not Berkeley. No swastikas tomorrow. Show that negotiations focus on peace and the path to peace.

[4/28/10 9:41:08 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Vote to consider this bill.
Object to Debate: 10
Support Debate: 16

Debate begins on the bill.

[4/28/10 9:50:10 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Motion to table indefinitely Debate of council ongoing.

Blah Blah Blah.

[4/28/10 10:36:44 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Motion to table indefinitely
YES (Table Indefinitely): 13
NO (Continue Debate): 16

Goes back to debating on amendments to the bill.

[4/28/10 10:36:44 PM] Gabriella Hoffman: Motion to Vote on amendment: Submitted by Chris Westling, Long amendment regarding condemning “militant groups” in the gaza strip.

Voted to committee at 12:36. Now we’re gonna have to deal with this again. YAYAYAY! NAWT!



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  2. Thanks for the liveblog, Gabriella. Interesting to see how much reaction this got on campus (and does AS really allow comments from random people across the country? that’s somewhat amusing). I wonder if there’d actually be room for a legitimate debate on the facts of the issue (after people actually read things like the Goldstone Report about it) instead of this random indirect sniping. Probably not, but it’d be nice if people actually had to be held accountable for their rhetoric.

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