Pro-Israel Alienation

Steven Perlin

After an intense past two weeks of AS meetings in regard to delegitimizing Israel and its right to exist, the pro-Israel community at UCSD is facing yet another attempt to do the same. Apartheid week at UCSD is just another means by which to criticize Israel by singling it out for its alleged human rights violations.

So, in the next week when you are on Library Walk, notice the 8 foot tall wall. Notice that AS allocated thousands of dollars to the building of this wall. Notice that your student fees (or your predecessors’ fees) ACTUALLY went to building this piece of pure hatred.

In the next week, don’t feel alienated if you support Israel’s right to exist. Tritons for Israel and the greater pro-Israel community here at UCSD will be on Library Walk for most of the week offering emotional support to those affected by what the wall stands for.

Please do not be shy by showing that you are pro-Israel and are not willing to stand idly by as Israel stands up for peace, democracy, and equality – the only country to do so in the Middle East.

Am Yisrael Chai!


  1. It is pretty telling that the administration will condemn a privately funded off-campus party that is absolutely none of their business as an incident of racism, threatening students and their fundamental rights, yet ignores a huge wall of direct and focused bigotry on campus paid for in part by student fees.

    Now, the libertarian in me thinks state entities like the university administration should of course remain neutral during such debate – and definitely should not get involved in restricting or punishing belief and speech – this is the proper response. Even with something as ugly as this wall. But it is revealing just how the university applies preferential treatment to some groups, and behaves inconsistently when faced with controversy.

    This provides another example of why student fees and the AS should be eliminated. Return the money to the pockets of the students, so that individuals can decide for themselves what they want to spend their money on. Allow orgs instead to charge membership fees, if they so desire.

  2. I’ve never understood why UC undergrads protest and scream about rising tuition costs, yet happily acquiesce to pretty much any random luxury fee imposed to build a new building or hold some random concert. The amount of cognitive dissonance they must be experiencing is amusing.

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