Freedom Flotilla… What Really Happened

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

This cartoon is dedicated to all the people who are angry with Israel for it’s actions regarding the “Freedom Flotilla” By the way, I don’t support any attempt to “Free the Freedom Flotilla,” which pretended to be a “humanitarian organization” and really were just a lynch mob. Their real purpose was to get a political win for Turkey, the country behind the Armenian Genocide nothing, it never happened.

Photoshopped by Alec Weisman

For those of you noobs behind on your memes…
Mudkipz (and “Do you liek mudkipz?


  1. lulz king · ·

    epic, epic, epic lulz

  2. You could see videos of Rachel Corrie, 23 year old American that was killed by Israel here:

    At the age of 23, Rachel Corrie was full of life. At the age of 23, she was a senior in college ignited by a passion for justice. At the age of 23, she traveled to the Gaza strip as an activist for peace. And, it was at the age of 23 that Rachel Corrie knelt to the ground wearing an orange fluorescent jacket as a 9-ton Caterpillar bulldozer came toward her, knocked her down, crushed her with its blade, ran her over, backed up, and ran her over again. At the age of 23, Rachel Corrie was loved by family and friends who would never see her radiant life again.

  3. Joel Taubman · ·

    The story of Rachel Corrie was very sad. The saddest part is how she was used by people falsely claiming to promote the Palestinian cause. George Rishmawi was the leader of the movement that sponsored Corrie. After her death, he told the San Francisco Chronicle that placing activists in dangerous situations was good for the Palestinian cause. “If some of these foreign volunteers get shot or even killed, then the international media will sit up and take notice.” (July 14, 2004)

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