The Flotilla & Turkey

Steven Perlin, Staff Writer

I’m not going to give every detail of the Gaza Flotilla and its intentions because all information is out there. Watch some of the videos of soldiers getting attacked, the IDF’s proposal to the Mavi Marmara, the “humanitarian activists” preparing to fight, the weapons found aboard the ship, and maybe Bibi Netanyahu’s speech. Now, read this.

Self defense is action taken in order to protect oneself. When the Turkish vessel heading toward the Israeli blockade of Gaza was boarded by the Israeli Navy, the soliders were met with knives, clubs, pipes, and other weapons. Upon landing on the ship, the “humanitarian aid” activists aboard Mavi Marmara stabbed and beat Israeli soldiers; these acts of violence caused the soldiers to defend themselves. One of the most interesting parts of this whole discussion is the country that is responding most viciously to Israel’s act of self defense: Turkey.

I know that Turkey has the right to stand up for their people, as do many other nations. I know that Turkey is mad that some of the “humanitarian aid” workers killed were Turks. In a recent statement, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said in regard to the United States’ response to the Gaza Flotilla, “It should be a choice between right and wrong, legal and illegal.” The United States should be insulted by this statement because Turkey is abiding by a ridiculous double standard.

Personally, I love to talk about right and wrong, but I have a feeling that Turkey wants nothing to do with a discussion about right and wrong unless it is solely in regard to Israel. Maybe the United States would take Turkey seriously if Turkey could admit that the Armenian Genocide happened. Turkey killed 1.5 million people and refuses to call the Armenian Genocide what it truly was – genocide. And now Turkey wants to talk about right and wrong? Turkey, before you speak about right and wrong ever again, remember that you can’t refuse to acknowledge the Armenian genocide and then want to talk about morals. Now my question goes to Turkey: did the Armenian genocide happen and will you say that it was wrong?


  1. Genel Baskan · ·

    Stevie you just can’t give any detail of the Gaza Flotilla because you don’t know stuff.

  2. msadude · ·

    Clearly AIPAC propaganda.

  3. Tu quoque.

  4. You could see videos of Rachel Corrie, 23 year old American that was killed by Israel here:

    At the age of 23, Rachel Corrie was full of life. At the age of 23, she was a senior in college ignited by a passion for justice. At the age of 23, she traveled to the Gaza strip as an activist for peace. And, it was at the age of 23 that Rachel Corrie knelt to the ground wearing an orange fluorescent jacket as a 9-ton Caterpillar bulldozer came toward her, knocked her down, crushed her with its blade, ran her over, backed up, and ran her over again. At the age of 23, Rachel Corrie was loved by family and friends who would never see her radiant life again.

  5. So what do any of these comments have to do with Turkey?

  6. CRYPTOJEW · ·


  7. Dave Rurkard · ·

    AIPAC Propaganda

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