Freedom Fest 2010 — Day 1

Peter A. Tariche, Staff Writer

Freedom Fest is called by the Washington Post the greatest libertarian show on earth. Thus far, the convention has been amazing. John Mackey, Peter Schiff, Steve Forbes, Tom Palmer, Gary Johnson, Ty Andros, Steve Moore, and Bob Bauman are just some of the few who spoke on Thursday at Freedom Fest.

Crisis in America: How Capitalism Will Save Us

Steve Forbes, in his speech titled “Crisis in America”, covered the current state of the economy, his predictions for the future, and his strategy for economic recovery. Forbes predicts the economy will grow this year by 3-4% (although growth rates were higher during the 1930’s). Forbes argued that in order to fix our economy, we must create “Basic Rules of the Road.” These “Basic Rules of the Road” according to Forbes are the Rule of Law, Sound Money, Low Tax Rates, and the Removal of Economic Barriers of Entry.

Outlook for the Geopolitical Economy

Following Steve’s speech, a panel was held discussing the “Outlook for the Geopolitical Economy.” Keith Fitz-Gerald, an investor and expert in Chaos Theory, discussed that from chaos comes opportunity. Alexander Landia, the CEO of the Siberian Coal Energy Company talked about the European Economic Crisis. Alexander believes the European Central Bank during the boom, enticed Greek banks to carry “Bad Debt.” Bob Bauman, a libertarian-minded congressman during the 1970’s, remarked that the economic crisis was the result of bad decisions by international organizations and the structure of government.

All Star Prediction Panel

After discussing the “Outlook for the Geopolitical Economy”, Peter Schiff, Bert Dohmen, Ty Andros, Dennis Slothower, and John Dessauer discussed their economic predictions for the coming year(s). Bert Dohmen emphasized that in the coming years we’re going to face a “Great Wave,” a global economic collapse. Peter Schiff discussed about the growing opportunities in Chinese markets, and the importance of monitoring our purchasing-power. Additionally, he went on to remark that many European states are decreasing the size of their governments’ that will lead to a quicker economic recovery.

Ty Andros talked about the many opportunities available in the current bear market. Although, we need to approach our investments in an Austrian manner. Ty noted, “we live in a something for nothing society…this is how empires fall.” He discussed the manner in which countries become great through production, and empires fall due to over consumption. According to Ty, we may see the collapse of the western worlds monetary supply, and we must relearn the fundamentals of indirect exchange.

Future of Healthcare under Obamacare

Following the economic prediction panel, John Mackey, Julian Whitaker, and Steve Moore talked about the “Future of Healthcare under Obamacare.” The panel came to an absolute agreement that the future of American healthcare is dim. Steve Moore, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal, stated in order to fix the American Healthcare system we must reform medical malpractice, offer and expand medical savings accounts, and allow people to buy insurance over state lines. Once the panel had finished their discussion the convention broke up into smaller seminars.

Messaging Liberty: Make the Presentation Reflect the Ideas

One of these seminars included Students for Liberty’s Advanced Leadership seminar. In the seminar they recommended reading Friedrich A. Hayek’s Intellectuals and Socialism. And Students for Liberty also gave tips for spreading the liberty message.

Here is a list of their recommended tips:

* We must ask ourselves how will others interpret our message
* Make sure you do not write anything that maybe seen as inflammatory
* Focus on the positive aspects of an issue and use demographics
* Don’t idealize the past, but instead look to the future
* Humanize your arguments
* Plant the seeds of liberty, rather than attempting to change someone’s mind over an issue immediately
* Utilize catch phrases
* Take the moral high ground
* Spread the message of liberty by appealing what others value in the context of the discussion

Other seminar’s included: “Anarchy -vs- Limited Government.” John Mackey, and Mark Skousen debated in favor of limited government, while Doug Casey, and Tom Palmer argued in favor of Anarcho-Capitalism. The debate was amazing, both sides brought up valid points against the other.

Freedom Fest has been an awesome experience thus far. It’s a great way to network with others in the liberty movement and show a youthful presence. So come out to Freedom Fest next year, or if you live in the West Coast it’s not too late to come out for Day 2 or 3.



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