A Plea for Non-Aggression, A Manifesto

Anonymous Staff Writer

The mind of man is enslaved. Through government elections, the state claims legitimacy yet where is the legitimacy in murder, theft and corruption? Our government steals the fruits of our labor through taxation, and murders others through war. Our government enslaves us at the young age of eighteen, by coercing us to become soldiers to die, but for what, security? Security is an illusion. Liberty is what in actuality protects us. The left cries justice and the right cries stability. Yet the state can provide neither.

So, who is the protector of man if not government? Why not the individual? The individual is self-vested in their own well being. The individual is who provides an altruistic society through voluntary exchange. Government is an agent of evil and autarchy is the solution. I rule myself and no other. Now people will claim, my manifesto will lead to chaos. To them, I state, are we not already chaotic? We live in a society where your neighbor can steal your labor by voting into power a politician. A free society of voluntary individuals wishes to not aggress against its neighbor unless it has been aggressed upon. I plead to you, the individual, for a voluntary-free society. Where man can exchange his commodities and services under free will.

Others would claim we have entered into a social contract with our government. Yet, government has long broken the logic of contractual governance. A social contract can only exist where all parties agree rather than a simple majority.

The republic has failed; the state has failed. Liberty will one day set us free. Liberty is old, and like a rock rolling down a hill it will eventually find its place in our society. So, if it fails to come in our lifetime, have no fear, our children will see its glory.

The voice of an Individual.

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