Live Blog of AS Budget Meeting

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

6:05 We will be filming and live blogging from the AS Budget meeting which I hear is supposed to be very entertaining.

6:10 Public Input
• Old Gentleman rambled about various topics.
• Rashani Walish, the new US Grants Coordinator, introduces herself.
• Erin Speer, CalPIRG Chapter Chair, speaks about CalPIRG. Discusses their initiatives and their fight for No on Prop 23, upcoming events, and their coalitions.
• Victor Brown, Vice Chair of External Affairs for Black Student Union, asks for AS funding for the BSU’s Kwanzaa Celebration (They are asking for $4,500).

Reports of Members 6/20
• AS Retreat, Soccer Game… No Homecoming Dance on 10/23 (because AS didn’t reserve any on campus venues) but planning for Winter Kickoff Dance. Homecoming Pep rally on 10/22 anyway.
• Discussing what to replace the Grove Cafe with. Want to put study lounge region next to Sunshine Market and branding it with names.
• Warren College Student Council finished with their vetting of applicants (75 applied)
• UCSD is competing in Colleges Rock Hunger
• Register to vote by November 18th

Reports of Finance Committee
Moving to approve certain items…

Move to table F1 (AS Executive Budget) till next week (due to budget shortfall).
The 2010-2011 Executive AS Budget

• Parminder objects. Wants to discuss line by line of programs because across the board reductions required to discuss particular details.
• Adam Powers wants to table it because council floor not place for line by line discussion of budget
• Wafa supports discussion of the budget so that they can discuss the cuts.
• Mac says council floor not a place for details with budget gap of about $200,000!!!

VOTE: 15-3 budget is tabled by 1 week… Needs to be presented by this meeting but can be postponed for vote till next week. How do I feel? Like this…

Campus Affairs Committee
Passes their agenda.

We left but we will analyze the current budget and will be out next week to observe the change in the budgets.

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  1. I think the No on 23 folks tick me off the most.

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