Yes I am a Libertarian! And yes I go to a Public School. So what?

Angelica Malik, Staff Writer

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told people at UCSD that I’m a libertarian and they’ve responded “But you go to a Public University. Isn’t that hypocritical?” These days when I get that response I just laugh. I don’t believe in the government stealing money from my parents and that means I am a hypocrite for using anything bought with the money taken from them? There are many things absurd about this logic. First of all the government doesn’t “subsidize” anything. How can it when it doesn’t make any money? Everything the government spends is siphoned off from the people through force. Since my parent’s money funds this and other public institutions I am a compelled to use them to my full advantage lest their stolen money be wasted. Secondly, if being opposed to the government wasting tax dollars means I should not have access to things financed through those tax dollars, I would never be able to leave the house. The food I eat, the roads I drive on, depending on the make even the car I drive has been subsidized through tax dollars. Am I a hypocrite for eating and driving too? Lastly, government interference in the market has artificially driven up the price of private education by eliminating a true competition. I could never afford to go to private school at the rates they are now and am thus forced to wait in line at the trough for a sloppy helping of “public” schooling. So now you can see why I would laugh when I get the “I’m a libertarian but I go to a public school so I’m a hypocrite spiel.”


  1. While I think education should be privatized across the board, I’m all for utilizing existing public educational resources if your taxes are going to fund them in the first place. There’s the future ideal, and the current reality. Just because there’s a potentially more just, more effecient way which can be visualized doesn’t mean you should not participate in the current system at all (espeically if you’re helping to pay for it).

  2. L.L. Eckart · ·

    I agree with you very much. Since the government taxes us so heavily we
    should make use of the services it provides. The IRS is a legacy created before most living Americans were born and its complicated tax code
    continues to enrage many Americans who would like to see a more simple
    and just system replace it.

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