King Gupta Returns to Silence Free Speech

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief
Contributions by California Review Editorial Board

It just came to my attention that Utsav Gupta and certain AS Council members have united, forming 6 different “Media Organizations,” The Independent, The Examiner, The Free Press, The Gazette, The Guide, and The Islander. In fact, all 6 new media organizations have the same principal members of Utsav Gupta (former AS President who embroiled himself in controversy when he defunded all student media organizations temporarily last year before being over ruled by the AS council), Maclen Zilber(Warren AS Senator), Cody Marshall (ran for Campuswide Senator and actively called for the defunding of the Koala), & Joshua Grossman(former Warren AS Senator and ran for VP finance on Utsav Guptas VOTE NOW! Slate and lost). Also, the mission statement of 5 of the 6 organizations state that their role is to “publish regularly each quarter and enjoy our freedom of expression.”

Although they haven’t yet submitted any funding requests, we find it very suspicious as to why 6 groups with all the same members can find the time to print 6 different newspapers. We suspect they’re just going to request funding for all 6 organizations and never use it, thus limiting funds to all the legitimate newspapers that publish on a quarterly or on a bi-quarterly basis, which are the MQ, the Koala, the Left Coast Post, and the California Review. Several other student media organizations newspapers publish at UCSD, but on a less frequent distribution schedule.

We will be following any developments that occur in the upcoming weeks regarding these “newspapers” and any funding requests made by these “free speech” advocates. If you have any information that could be of assistance to protect free speech on campus, please email us at

*** Thanks to John Tran, we now know that King Gupta has registered AT LEAST 89 new student media organizations, each one more hilariously titled than the last. What is our favorite? But of course, the Vanguard. To all the YAF’ers who read our blog, we now inspire you to sock it to the left with a hard right.

***1:40 am. Editors Note: We would like to issue a Thank You to Mac Zilber, who has dropped out of being a principal member of all the media organizations (except the Independent) with Utsav. We’ve updated our ‘shop to reflect this development.

Partying it up at his evil lair

By the way, this is how we feel about his cheeseburger.


  1. John Tran · ·

    There’s apparently 89 of them. -_-.

  2. […] Gupta is back…and with a vengeance too! He’s out to restrict free speech again.  I thought that madness had its place last school […]

  3. Alex Kreedman · ·

    John, they also all have the same advisor: Ryan Crawford, who is a Coordinator at UCSD over in ERC:

  4. The California Review · ·

    @ Alex. Advisors are appointed by the type of media org and thus far, none of the organizations have been approved as far as we can tell. King Gupta is just attempting to get them approved so he can drain the finances of media organizations…

  5. That is incredibly slimy. I wonder how much the administration is behind this, or whether or not they’re just mindlessly rubber stamping things.

  6. I’m totally going to read The Vindicator though. That just sounds awesome.

  7. Anonymous · ·

    @Alex Kreedman: Ryan Crawford was the CSA at ERC until last school year. He now works at the Student for Center Involvement.

  8. Yeah, looks like he’s just the default media org adviser.

    Ryan Crawford
    Community Service Coordinator

    Community service, Media
    organizations advisor
    (858) 822-4762

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