AS Cuts Media Funding

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

I just received this email from the Director of Media Org. Relations, Jessica Caloza. If you can help us fight the stupidity of AS once again, please come to the AS meeting at 6:00 pm at the Forum (4th floor, PC East). Below is the email.

“Andrew Ang (VP Finance) proposed a yearly budget of 60K for media, however, due to the 8% cut it was reduced to 51K. Wafa Ben Hassine (President) reduced it 48K. After this, Carli Thomas (AVP Student Orgs) proposed an additional 10K cut to the funding which was approved by council. This means that for the year, all media orgs will have to share 38K or roughly $12,600 a quarter. For this Fall Quarter alone, the total allocations amounted to almost $26,000. What this means for your org is that you may not get funding for future quarters since the pool of money has been drastically reduced. By cutting our funds, not everyone will have the chance to print.

Tomorrow is our chance to speak at public input! The A.S. meeting starts at 6:00 pm at the Forum (4th floor, PC East). The more organizations we have there the better, so please try to bring all of your members. This is a crucial time for media orgs to ban together especially after last year’s debacle with the media moratorium.”



  1. I’m looking at the new AS budget for the year, and it says a lot when the senators all received pay cuts in their stipends, but the ASVP’s and AS President Wafa Ben Hassine stipends stay the same. Wafa Ben Hassine is making $10,000 dollars for what?

  2. Captain Obvious · ·

    So she can have a line on her resume when she applies to law schools, duh. Remember, she’s too busy studying for her LSATs to actually do things like look over the budget.

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