A San Diego Taxpayer’s Call to Action

Magie Brennan, Staffer

This upcoming Tuesday marks a significant election for many across this country. However, the biggest vote on the ballot for San Diegans is Proposition D.

Prop D is the Brain Child of Mayor Jerry Sanders and Councilmember Donna Frye. It is a proposed 0.05% “temporary” sales tax increase (yea, wasn’t the LAST one suppose to be temporary?) on the already incredibly high sales tax – making jump from 8.75% to 9.25% and an estimated $500 million the next 5 years, if passed. It’s the largest hike in San Diego HISTORY!

The NO on Prop D campaign is seeking volunteer help!

In our last push before elections, we need all hands on deck. We need anyone and everyone willing and able to pitch in a couple hours this upcoming Saturday (Oct. 30th) or Sunday (Oct. 31st) to go door-to-door, talking to San Diego residents about the hazards of this proposition. We will give you information to speak to residents about, and encourage them to vote NO! We will all make this precinct walk very easy for you.

On Saturday (Oct. 30th), we will meet at 10am at the Republican Party HQ at 5703 Oberlin Dr. Sunday’s location is still TBD.

If you are able to walk on Saturday, you are cordially invited to PERSONALLY meet CARLY FIORINA at 9am at the same location! FREE pancake breakfast and photo ops with Carly! Only for volunteers who have agreed to walk on Saturday.

Please contact Diane Peabody (dianecpeabody1@gmail.com) if you would be willing to spare a few hours during this Halloween weekend to fight the good fight! We need your help!

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