Live Blog of AS Meeting 10/27

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

6:00 – Meeting begins

6:05 – Public Input begins
– Richard Thompson speaks and filibusters AS by talking about nothing…

and he’s still speaking…

1) Josue, the Vice Chair of SAAC wants to make a clarification about the email via the listserv… Say they do not support media orgs. Understand it was sent via SAAC listserv. Apologizes to everyone here. Does not support extra media organizations, is trying to figure out what is going on. Knows last years AS president is a part of this and thinks it is sneaky.
2) Sought a “vote of no confidence” (what does this mean???) in support of SAAC and wants to present it next week

Chris, a staffer of the California Review, speaks. His statement is attached.

Patrick, the Editor of the MQ, speaks to AS and opposes the funding cut for media organizations.

Steve, Editor of Mania Magazine, speaks in opposition to AS funding cut to media organizations.

Alex, Editor of the Robot Report, criticizes AS for cutting funding for media organizations.

I speak to AS in opposition to funding cuts and call for more transparency for AS.

AS Member says that funding cut to media organizations went to student organization programming.

6:28 SHAPES Coordinator presents a SPACES presentation to try to get approval for their budget. We have the budget so its posted below.

Why are they still paying their Co-editors of the Collective Voice $3,500 a year, when all the other media organizations have never been allowed to pay their staff if they get money from AS? To quote Utsav Gupta from last year, “the Collective Voice is the newspaper of AS”

Also, why are they paying $30,000 so that SPACES can get LEED certified with YOUR student fees?

SPACES due to the funding controversy, is seeking $210,260 from AS on top of the $182,602 in student fees that were mandated by a referendum passed in 2007 (don’t blame me, I voted no on that referendum and every funding referendum proposed since I’ve been a student at UCSD because I don’t think student fees should be mandated, period).

According to their presentation, in Spring Quarter of 2010, Vice Chancellor Penny Rue agreed to permanently match the funds of spaces.

Also, to get money from SPACES you have to allign yourself with the mission spaces of SAAC

Editors Note: A CVE of SPACES recorded us on video. She made a presentation which discussed the SPACES Alternative Tours.

Presentation about the Collective Voice, a newspaper which provides a voice for all students who may not have a voice, and progressive students

I’d like to ask again, Why is SPACES allowed to pay their editors, and why do they not need to have a disclaimer in the paper claiming they only represent their writers. We have to post this in every issue of the California Review

“The views expressed in the California Review are solely those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the staff as a whole. Our print publication may have been funded in part or in whole by funds allocated by the ASUCSD. While the California Review is recognized as a campus student organization at UC-San Diego, the content, opinions, statements and views expressed in this or any other publication published and/or distributed by California Review are not endorsed by and do not represent the views, opinions, policies, or positions of the ASUCSD, GSAUCSD, UC San Diego, the University of California and the Regents or their officers employees, or agents, even though they should. Each publication bears the full legal responsibility for its content. ASUCSD is our sponsor. Request a copy of their agenda, and you might find out how much they dole out to us. © 2010 California Review. All rights reserved.”

Why doesn’t the SPACES Collective Voice require this disclaimer?

Second Special Presentation by Interim AVP of Academic Orgs Desiree Prevo about their 2010-2011 Initiatives
• Grade Distribution Project – Students see grade distribution of professors per quarter. Hold professor accountable. This is public information.
• Dine with a Prof Revamp – recruitment for program
• Committee Accountability – meet more often
• US Grants – revamped website and system
• Academic Affairs Info Night – Week 8

AS Questions.
• Feasibility of Professor Grade Distributions? Yes
• Can Professors Opt Out? Probably not.
• When is deadline of US Grants? Later this quarter
• Are People applying for quarterly or yearly funding? Quarterly

Reports of Members
AVP Student Organizations – Carli Thomas
Go to Student Org events, reach out to constituents.

Media Org Meeting Scheduled for Next Monday Will be working on Legislation for CAPs of Media Organizations. Media wasn’t cut for Sun God but was taken for Student Org Programming.

AS Mandatory Retreat 11/6
Attempting to have an AS Reunion of all councils of the last 50 years on 11/20.

AS council member spoke about budget

Wafa Speaks about AS interim positions

AS Advocacy Office speaks about Know Your Rights Week (Week 7)
2007- 2008: 446 students charged with Academic Misconduct
2008-2009: 711 students charged with Academic Misconduct, less than 100 sought help from the advocacy office

Transfer Senator speaks: ACTA adjusts budget, collaborating more with College Organizations. Met with SPACES to do a Community College Conference in Spring Quarter.

***Editors Note: Apparently you can purchase email addresses of all transfers for a nominal fee. This seems like an invasion of privacy to me.

AVP of Local Affairs Speaks
• Student of Color Conference
• Urges a GOTV campaign and his office is promoting November 2nd, give out Voter Guide. Will be on library walk on Monday & Tuesday.
• Info night on Propositions and Government on November 1st.

Parminder speaks about creating a Calendar for a transfer org.

Finance Committee

I left the AS meeting.


  1. that doesn’t look too much like a “leaked” email to me….

  2. What the AS and the University is doing here is completely illegal. Funding for these organizations must be given in a content-neutral basis, regardless of whether it’s the representative government, the administration of even a majority of voters choose to apply everyone else’s fees in a biased fashion. The referendum violates content-neutrality, and is thus invalid.

    Penny Rue is possibly the most corrupt, biased and hostile Vice Chancellor in higher education today.

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