Breaking Ranks

Alice Chao, Alumni

Okay, I gonna break ranks with many of my fellow Republicans and come out and say that i don’t think Sarah Palin running for President is a good idea for a couple of reasons….

1. She doesn’t have enough experience. She didn’t finish her term as governor of Alaska, and I felt that Obama was a poor choice because he too lacked even a full term of experience. Obama only served only three years of his six year term in the Senate, but both lacked experience garnered from least one full term in congress or as governor, and look where lack of leadership experience has led America…

2. Sketchy Connections. Although most of the hooey written about Palin on the internet is categorically false and should be considered libel, such as claims that her baby Trig isn;t hers, claims that she cheated on her husband, etc. However, one thing that is true is that the company you keep defines you as a person. It has been well documented the bad company that President Obama has had over the years, from Jeremiah Wright and his theologically unsound sermons to Bill Ayers, a former terrorist who killed several people. For the same reason, Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd, has kept rather odd company, or rather some odd political affiliations, for quite awhile. Todd Palin was registered to vote as a member of the Alaska Independence Party (AIP). The party’s aim is apparently to secede from the United States (that’s weird and dare i say un-american? Besides secession is so 1861!) If he were registered with another party besides the Republicans that’s okay, but the AIP is a fringe group that advocates secession. Another gripe i have with Mr. Palin are the many reports by Alaskan officials (both D and R) that claim he was way too involved in his wife’s administration, and was investigated for allegedly trying to get people fired.

I dont mind if Sarah Palin stays just where she is, not in office, working on Sarahpac, but she lacks the experience necessary to be good president and as such she shouldn’t run for president in 2012.  She shouldn’t run for president when there are more experienced people that would be better presidents than she would be at her experience level. I support the goals of the tea party such as smaller government, less government spending, and cutting the government deficit and debt. However, it takes more than the right values to run this country well as president, but you need experience which she lacks.

i agree with most of her views of things, but values + experience is what i look for in the voting booth when voting for the next president.

PS. Huckabee/Jindal 2012!

Huckabee experience:
• 10 years as governor of Arkansas

Jindal experience:
• Current governor of Louisiana
• Former Louisiana house rep
• Former Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
• Former Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Planning and Evaluation
• Former President of the University of Louisiana system


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