Check out the Associated Students New Shady Anti-Media Campaign

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

I just received this from the AS listserv. Apparently, Carli Thomas, the AVP Student Organizations, is proposing this legislation at the next meeting. They are instituting a BUDGET CAP of $450.00 per issue. Not only that, but they are requiring ALL Media Organizations to find 25% of their printing costs in outside funding in order to get ANY money from the AS. Thanks for coming to this conclusion without consulting ANY of the Media Organizations beforehand about this ridiculous legislation. Here’s an idea Carli, how about you and the rest of the AVPs, the VPs, and our AS President cut your own stipend of $3,500, $5,250, and $10,000 respectively. I think we’d easily take the $60,750 that you gave to yourselves, after you cut OUR BUDGET by $28,000 because of our AS Presidents bumbling.

On the flip side, the SPACES budget is also up for approval at the next meeting, and within their budget umbrella the Collective Voice, which pays their co-editors $3,500 (more than it costs the California Review to print FOR A WHOLE YEAR) each!!! This is more outrageous because they were allowed to print during the “Funding Freeze” last year with AS funds, are not a registered media organization because of their connection to SPACES, and are not required to issue a disclaimer within their newspaper. Now I have no problem with their freedom to print, and I encourage it, however I am sick and tired of the double standard which AS displays.

Below is the proposed legislation and the Proposed SPACES Budget

Media Cap Legislation

Media Organization Funding Caps

a. The caps for each media organization will be up to, but not
guaranteed, 450.00 dollars per quarter. Media organizations within
its first year will not be funded the full amount. Media organizations
will not be fully funded in every circumstance due to budgetary

b. The cap for new media organizations will be up to, but not
guaranteed, 200.00 dollars per quarter.

c. The budgetary amount in the AS Executive budget will be three times
the amount allocated per quarter.

Criteria for Funding Media Organizations:

a. Media Organizations shall be maintained by at least four principal
members, all of which cannot be another principal member of another
media organization. All media organizations must be registered to
receive AS funding.

b. For continued funding from Associated Students, the media organization
must find funds from other sources or fundraise at least 25% after the
first quarter of funding.

c. Media organizations will also receive additional funding if they have
a head chair of a campus department who allows sponsorship of their
media organization within the financial boundaries of the budget of the
Associated Students. A budget of 1,000 dollars of additional funding will
be allocated to media organizations.


The SPACES Budget


Memorandum of Understanding between the Vice Chancellor of Students Affairs and the Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Services (SPACES) of University of California, San Diego

On an annual basis, Student Affairs will provide a permanent allocation of $330,000 to SPACES to fund access and retention programs and services consistent with the mission of SPACES as specified in its charter. The allocation matches the funding currently provided to SPACES from the Associated Students Campus Activity Fee, which was increased in 2007 through the PULSE referendum to support student promoted retention and access programs. The allocation is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Each year, before October 15, SPACES will provide the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs (VCSA) the following documents:

A copy of SPACES’s annual budget request to the Associated Students (A.S.).

An annual budget for SPACES and its related programs and services: Student Initiated Access Programs and Services (SIAPS), and Academic Success Program (ASP). The budget should identify the amount of A.S. and Student Affairs funds allocated to SPACES, SIAPS, and ASP. In preparing its budget, SPACES may determine how it wants to distribute the Student Affairs funding to SPACES, SIAPS, and ASP.

A written plan for the coming year outlining the goals, objectives, and expected outcomes of SPACES programs and services including access (SIAPS) and retention programs (ASP). The plan should identify how SPACES will assess the effectiveness of its programs and services. This plan should include assessment of student participant satisfaction.

A concise annual report summarizing SPACES programs and services from the previous year including program attendance data, usage of services, results of program and learning outcomes assessments, including student participant feedback, and most importantly plans for instituting improvements based on those assessments.

Each year, before October 30, the SPACES board will meet with the VCSA to discuss its annual report, budget and plan for the coming year, and opportunities for collaboration with Student Affairs units.

Each year, the Student Life Business Office will initially use the A.S. annual allocation of funds to cover the financial expenditures made from each of the SPACES cost centers (SPACES, ASP, SIAPS). Once the A.S. allocation for a cost center is fully spent, the Student Life Business Office will use the Student Affairs funds SPACES has allocated for that cost center to cover its financial expenditures. For instance, if the annual A.S. allocation for ASP is $60,000 and SPACES has spent fully this allocation, then the Student Affairs funds SPACES has budgeted for ASP will be spent next. Any unspent Student Affairs funds from any of the three cost centers will remain with Student Affairs.

If SPACES allocates Student Affairs funds to access and retention projects performed by undergraduate student organizations recognized by UC San Diego, all recognized student organizations will be eligible to request funding and SPACES will provide the VCSA a written description of its: method of announcing the availability of these funds to all recognized undergraduate student organizations (e.g., SPACES website, student organization list-serve), requirements for submitting proposals to request funding, method of reviewing requests and awarding funding, requirements for student organizations to report on participation and impact of their project once completed.

Prior to the initial allocation of Student Affairs funding, SPACES will provide the VCSA a written plan for hiring additional career staff to support the implementation of its program and services. The plan should include an organizational chart, summary of duties for each position, and intended date of hire.

Student Affairs funds will not be used to purchase equipment, conference travel and registration, consultants, building remodel projects, and items (i.e., clothing, food, gifts) that directly benefit the SPACES staff who organize its programs and services without VCSA approval in writing.

To foster collaboration between SPACES and campus departments engaged in access and retention work, SPACES and Student Affairs staff members will participate in regular meetings of the Access Collaborative and Retention Collaborative.

In witness whereof, the parties hereto have executed this memorandum of understanding on the dates specified below:

Student Affairs

By: ____________________________
Name: Penny Rue
Title: Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Date: ___________________________


By: ___________________________
Name: David Ritcherson
Title: Director of Financial Affairs
Date: ___________________________

By: ____________________________
Name: Shaina Patel
Title: Director of Internal Affairs
Date: ___________________________

By: ___________________________
Name: Fnann Keflezighi
Title: Director of Local Affairs
Date: ___________________________

By: ____________________________
Name: Sam Jung
Title: Director of Statewide Affairs
Date: ___________________________

Associated Students

By: ___________________________
Name: Wafa Ben Hassine
Title: President
Date: ___________________________


Finally, here is some other curious information of note in the Order of Business for the upcoming AS meeting from their agenda.

Campus Affairs Committee
C1 Appointment of Tomiko Williams as Volunteer Connection Co-Director effective immediately until appointment of successor. Sponsored by Meredith Madnick.

C2 Appointment of Angie Abarca as Alliance Director effective Oct. 22, 2010 until appointment of successor. Sponsored by Alyssa Peace.

C3 Appointment of Desiree Prevo as AVP Academic Affairs effective immediately until appointment of successor. Sponsored by Wafa Ben Hassine.

C4 Appointment of Ahori Sharma as AVP Advocacy effective Oct. 22, 2010 until appointment of successor. Sponsored by Wafa Ben Hassine.

C5 Approval of AS President’s Signature on SPACES match funds MOU (See Attachment 2). Sponsored by Wafa Ben Hassine.

C6 Approval of amendment to ASUCSD Standing Rules Title V Finance and Resources: Chapter 2 Student Organizations: 2.2 Section 2 Print Media Funding Process (See Attachment 3). Sponsored by Carli Thomas. C7 Amendment to the Media Handbook under “Funding (Attachment forthcoming). Sponsored by Carli Thomas.


  1. Fuck AS…..down with student government!

  2. I am furious. Livid. You will not believe the tearing i am going to give them at the next public input (though it hardly matters)

  3. i don’t see why don’t the UCSD media orgs get fucking advertisements and start acting like the “real” publications you crybabies claim to be. if no one’s reading your newspapers, you shouldn’t be begging AS to throw student fees into the wind. every other student organization’s budget got cut this year, and SPACES budget comes from a mandated fee allocated by a referendum raising the student activity fee. let’s all calm the fuck down & deal.

  4. @nate:

    The problem is that “student orgs” didn’t take a cut. They can still request arbitrary amounts of money, often in excess of the amount media orgs ask for all year, and get approved. The discrimination is against printed speech. All of these organizations engage in speech and AS should allocate on a neutral basis. The BSU isn’t out there selling chicken wings to fund their fucking Kwanzaa event, and we don’t even make them take it out of the SPACES budget. Everyone who ISN’T a media org gets cart blanche in requests.

    Also, I in theory support this bill because it will make me officially the most powerful person on campus. Getting rid of all of my competition rules!

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