Live Blog of AS Meeting 11/3/10

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

6:03 Public Input begins
• Richard Thompson begins to filibuster AS.

Peter, the Content Editor for the California Review, addresses AS about the media cap legislation. Mentions that although budgets and caps are a good idea, but argues that the budget is set at a low number and will kill the magazines on campus. Koala will be fine, and California Review will probably be able to be fine. Budget cut because of mess earlier this year, and honors the senators for lowering their stipends. We do this for free and because it’s what we love. The Associated Students is supposed to be a reflection of the population on campus, media organizations are vital and AS is biased. Why are you raising the amount student organizations can receive to $500 from $400 and cutting media organizations.

Steve Bass, editor of the Mania Magazine addresses AS. Seeks to get the cap raised from $450.

Patrick Reischl, the Editor of the MQ addresses AS. The $450 cap is going to kill magazines, it’s 300 issues of mania down from 1,300 issues. It will kill new media organizations. How can a new media org or a magazine get advertisers. About half the media organizations will not be printing, and it will almost ensure that new media organizations will not be formed. We don’t want AS to be a bottomless pit. The caps need to be raised. To look for an actual solution, so we don’t get this issue every year, it would be nice to actually form a committee and realistic solutions while.

Nima Rassooli , President of Students for Civil Rights in Iran, is introducing a resolution calling for release of the UC Berkley alumni who were hiking in Iran and are now being detained without trial. Wants the AS to condemn the human rights violations of Iran and call for their release.

Two more members of SCRI ask AS to endorse the resolution.

Imran Bashir, VP of Pakistani Students Association, also endorsed this resolution. Believe it was their obligation to endorse this resolution, and asks AS to do so as well.

Katie, Staff advisor to the Saltman Quarterly, a biology research journal at UCSD addresses the AS. Does not like reactionary measure of media cap of $450, and doesn’t seem to attain beneficial goal.

Alex, Editor of Robot Report, addresses the AS. Favors setting a cap on media organizations to as long as they are able to print, but $450 is way too low. The Guardian won’t have worries about money, the MQ might, The Koala will definitely get by, and Cal Rev & Left Coast Post might be ok, but everything smaller will get hosed.

Kris Gregorian, the Editor of the Koala, says lower the cap. Kris wants to get rid of all competition. 8,000/issue, most read paper on campus according to an AS poll. The only paper that will survive will be Collective Voice, Guardian, and the Koala. The AS doesn’t have the balls to tell other organizations they can’t get the cuts, but only for media. Asks AS just to cut all media organizations. Doesn’t respect AS because they’re patsies and sycophants. Asks AS to cut media funding.

Adam Kenworthy, former AS senator, and current MQ staffer, addresses AS. Comments on how much he likes the mania magazine, testifies as to why AS funding process works. AS is funding publishing of a quality newspaper. AS devolved by budgeting off of the 10-15% cuts, has many problems with proposing the caps, is 1) cutting out many publications (only about 5 can publish under $450), 2) getting advertisements means you need to show results, but printing for less than $450 cannot prove how many people actually read any of the papers, 3) new media organizations cannot get $ for ads. There are so many more problems I have with caps. These organizations weren’t asking for what they wanted, they asked for what they NEEDED! Give this far more consideration, heard amendments proposed but hopes some amendments have positive outcomes.

I read a statement from a former AVP of Student Advocacy, Frank Carroll. This statement is posted below.

Two individuals seeking to produce a magazine, but now can’t even get a money. It’s just an arbitrary number, not based on any factual data. Blaring inefficiencies of AS, such as giant inflatable SunGod that could fund some media organizations for a year.

Public Input closed. Reports of members.

This gets more intense so please,

Reports of External News

Reports of Members
1. VP Student Life- Kristina Pham
Associated Students Fall Retreat
November 6th, 2010
9AM – 4M
Meet in PC Theatre

2 Oral Reports from Members

Question Time

Reports of Committees 1
Finance Committee 2
Campus Affairs Committee 3
Special Committees

Special Orders
1. Special Presentation Arohi Sharma, Interim AVP Student Advocacy, regarding the Advocacy Office initiatives.
2. Special Presentation by Kristina Pham, VP Student Life, and Michael Lam, VP External regarding their office initiatives.

Council Projects

Unfinished Business

New Business

Open Forum

Roll Call

Bills in Committee

Finance Committee
F1 Approval of SPACES 2010-2011 Executive Budget (See Attachment 1). Sponsored by Andrew Ang.
• Andrew Ang recommends to table this budget, it is over ruled, so AS is discussing this issue.
• AS members are criticizing this decision.
• Desiree Prevo “This was passed by a referendum and shouldn’t even be looked at by AS”
• Andrew Ang “SPACES presents budget, we have to look at every single line item as long as AS does not change the total allocated funds.”
• Mac Zilber, says “PULSE referendum gives AS authority to look over the budget.”
• Wafa Ben Hassine, had a lot of time to review the budget, “requires both her signature and VP of finance, has to get passed, they have no money to operate right now, and will be delaying serving our students. AS can move things around but cannot cut budget. They know programs best, why meddle in line items. It’s not our place and I don’t know enough. SPACES was passed by a referendum and thus have complete control over the funds they get. Our responsibility is to oversee SPACES but I don’t see the point of delaying funding one more week.”
• Parminder Sandhu, “Money has to go to SPACES but does not mean that AS doesn’t have the responsibility to make sure that SPACES uses the money responsibly”
• Desiree Prevo, “I’m not saying AS doesn’t have responsibility to look over the budget. What can we do except for reallocate funding, but what place do we have if we don’t even know what they do or what program they are on”
• Alyssa Peace (I believe) asks “Why don’t we pass the budget and ask questions later?”
• Straw Poll of how many people who have participated in a SPACES budget. Very few people raise hands, mainly those who are closely affiliated with SPACES.
• Dana, “I’m confused as to exactly what the AS members need to feel that they can approve the budget. I don’t understand what you’re looking for? What questions were brought up?”
• Andrew Ang responds “What happens to carry over funds? Why aren’t the unallocated funds listed in the budget? Some questions on specific line items, but only knows a small handful. Many questions remain to be asked. Why are there no board of directors present to help discuss line items. They do have dedicated funds that AS needs to allocate, but AS can reallocate funds among them. SPACES is still operating without budget approval. Kinda shady, but they can still hold off another week”
• Grant says “Why are we trying to paint the directors of SPACES in this negative light? There was a responsibility of council to ask questions after their presentation, but no one did.”

This has gotten very interesting. I’m going to stop typing their back and forth debate because I’m getting tired and because we’ll have video footage of the arguments up in a few hours…

Campus Affairs Committee
• C1 Appointment of Tomiko Williams as Volunteer Connection Co-Director effective immediately until appointment of successor. Sponsored by Meredith Madnick.

• C2 Appointment of Angie Abarca as Alliance Director effective Oct. 22, 2010 until appointment of successor. Sponsored by Alyssa Peace.

• C3 Appointment of Desiree Prevo as AVP Academic Affairs effective immediately until appointment of successor. Sponsored by Wafa Ben Hassine.

• C4 Appointment of Arohi Sharma as AVP Advocacy effective Oct. 22,
2010 until appointment of successor. Sponsored by Wafa Ben Hassine.

• C5 Approval of AS President’s Signature on SPACES match funds MOU (See Attachment 2). Sponsored by Wafa Ben Hassine. Passed

• C6 Approval of amendment to ASUCSD Standing Rules Title V Finance and Resources: Chapter 2 Student Organizations: 2.2 Section 2 Print Media Funding Process (See Attachment 3). Sponsored by Carli Thomas.

    Media Cap Proviso

All media student organizations prior to November 3, 2010 shall be subject to these exceptions:
A. For continued funding for Spring Quarter 2011, must provide 5% of
funding for their respective organization by Monday of Week 7, Winter
Quarter 2011.
B. For continued funding for Fall Quarter 2011 and on, media organizations must 25% as listed in the AS Media Guidelines by Week 7 of Spring Quarter 2011.

This proviso will dissolve after the end of the 2010-2011 Academic Year.

• Elizabeth Elman opposes this, shouldn’t pass.
• Christina “understood that this needed to be passed tonight because of media funding deadlines week 7.”
• Elizabeth Elman “Possible to change from a quarterly vs. a yearly stipend. Wants to change to yearly stipend of $900 rather than quarterly stipend of $450”
• Andrew “can’t do that”
• Carli “already allocated from the spring to the fall, already allocated quarterly”

Recording of begins now.

• C7 Amendment to the Media Handbook under “Funding (Attachment forthcoming). Sponsored by Carli Thomas.

Media Cap Legislation

Media Organization Funding Caps
a. Except as provided in Section II (c) below and the use of annual
Operating funds, no media organizations will be eligible for funding
greater than $450.00 per quarter. The A.S. Council by a majority vote
may impose a cap of less than $450.00 per quarter. Nothing in this
provision constitutes a guarantee of funding for media organizations.
Media organizations may not be fully funded in every circumstance
for budgetary or other reasons.
b. New media organizations (i.e., media organizations within their first
year of operation) will only be eligible for funding up to $200.00 per
quarter, but such funding is not guaranteed, and may be reduced for
budgetary or other reasons.
c. The budgetary amount in the A.S. Executive budget will be three times the amount allocated per quarter.

Criteria for Funding Media Organizations:

a. Media Organizations shall be maintained by at least four principal
members, none of whom can be a principal member of another media
organization. All media organizations must be registered to receive A.S.
b. For continued funding from Associated Students, after the first quarter of funding, all media organizations must obtain funds from sources other than the Associated Students equal to at least 25% of the allocation from the Associated Students.
c. Media organizations that have campus department or college sponsorship will be allocated up to $200.00 of additional funding provided that such funding does not cause the Associated Students expenditures on media organizations to exceed the amount budgeted for such purposes.

• Final Outcome. Both C6 and C7 passed.

One final side note, we at the California Review would like to thank AS President Wafa Ben Hassine, Campuswide Senator Elizabeth Elman, Sixth AS Senator Parminder Sandhu, and A.S. Graphic Artist Brian Ng for fighting for media organizations. Although we at the California Review do not always agree on most issues with these members of council, we sincerely appreciate their passion and willingness to stand up for media organizations on campus.

Thank you.


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  1. parminder sandhu · ·

    This live blog of the meeting is very informative and helpful.

    Parminder Sandhu
    Sixth AS Senator

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