AS Meeting Footage from 11/3/10

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief, with assistance from the California Review Editorial Board

I recorded several portions of the AS meeting held yesterday. The Guardian does a good job covering what went on in two articles. However, for those of you who want to watch the debate, just continue reading.

The first section I recorded was a debate between AS members whether they should table the budget for SPACES for one week. SPACES (Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Service) is an organization at UCSD designed to “act as an empowering dynamic on campus where UCSD students collaborate to achieve greater educational equity. This encompasses equal access to higher education, undergraduate retention and graduation, and matriculation to graduate and professional schools.”

Below is the discussion and debate over whether AS should table the SPACES budget for another week so that all their questions could be answered.

At 8:00 you hear this shocking line by AVP Diversity Affairs, Alyssa Pierce, “You can really do nothing more than ask questions. So why not just approve it now, and ask your questions and get your answers later?” Now I can see why you are a member of Student Government.

Right at the beginning of this clip, you hear another outrageous remark by AVP Academic Affairs, Desiree Prevo, who says “I understand that you want to know what SPACES is doing with their money. My concern is, if we get those answers is, A) Do you think you’re going to like them? And if you like them what is going to happen next? And B) Something that really concerned me is what the VP Finance just mentioned. He was like ‘Oh well if we feel as an AS Council that there needs to be less than what they’re getting paid and more in this program,’ who are we to say this if you can’t even name a program that SPACES does?”

Point of Clarification: The California Review has several reasons to have a problem with SPACES, but more than anything else we oppose the special privileges held by the Collective Voice (it is essentially a newspaper funded with special privileges by SPACES, not a registered media organization).

We oppose The Collective Voice for three important reasons. First, the newspaper has the special funds to pay each of their two co-editors $3,500 along with their printing budget. Just one of their editor’s salaries is more than the entire costs of the California Review to publish six 12 page issues for an entire year, with money remaining. This $7,000 comes directly from SPACES allocated student fees, which amount to $182,601.80 (aka, $7.00 per person passed by the PULSE referendum in 2007). However, the total price of printing the Collective Voice is not listed on their executive budget. In addition, the Collective Voice does not print a disclaimer in the paper, and therefore anything printed in the paper be construed to represent the associated students, the administration, and ALL the students at the University. Finally, it is the bias showed toward SPACES by so many in the AS and the administration (which has pledged to match all SPACES funds for perpetuity) that reveals their favoritism. The idea that a school funded organization picks and chooses who to give special privileges shows the inherent inequality of our administration. This is especially ironic for an organization that prides itself in promoting “social unity, justice and awareness across the many communities that exist on the UCSD campus.”

The SPACES Budget


The remaining footage comes from the AS debate over instating media funding caps of $450, which eventually passed on a vote of voted 11-8-2. Once again, we would like to issue a word of thanks to AS President Wafa Ben Hassine, Campuswide Senator Elizabeth Elman, Sixth AS Senator Parminder Sandhu, and A.S. Graphic Artist Brian Ng for fighting for media organizations. Although we at the California Review do not always agree on most issues with these members of council, we sincerely appreciate their passion and willingness to stand up for media organizations on campus. Although other AS members voted against the caps, these four individuals were the most outspoken against these caps.


  1. Gabriella Hoffman · ·

    Nice job, guys! AS has gotten more bureaucratic than ever.

  2. You have no right to tape the meetings, this is everything that is wrong with conservatives on campus.

  3. @javier, yeah they do. however, AS does hold the right to close meetings & stop all recordings if they so choose.

    @cal rev, let’s get some actual stories please? this website is becoming nothing more than a bitchy “he said, she said” AS gossip blog. boreddd

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