Support the Ronald Reagan Memorial Bridge

Vince Vasquez, Former Editor of the California Review

RONALD REAGAN’s UPCOMING BIRTHDAY: On February 6th, 2011, the nation will celebrate the 100th anniversary of former President Ronald Reagan’s birthday. California will officially recognize February 6th as Ronald Reagan Day, and special Reagan Centennial events will be organized across America to educate the public on the life, legacy and accomplishments of our 40th President.

The time is NOW to recognize the special connection that Ronald Reagan had with San Diego throughout his life. Vince Vasquez, former California Review editor and College Republican chair, is leading a grassroots effort to dedicate a bridge in honor of Ronald Reagan in San Diego County. Sign the online petition to press our city, county and state public officials to dedicate a bridge before February 6th! Please sign the petition now! You can view the informative website at or sign the petition directly at

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  1. “Man was created in God’s image. Jesus was created in mine.” – Ronald Reagan

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