Is UCSD Trying to Cook Out More Controversy?

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

Last year following the “Compton Cookout” Controversy, the UCSD alumni association found itself with egg on it’s face after the UCSD Black Alumni Group originally planned the “Kool-Aid ‘n’ Chicken” Night before changing the name to “Down Home Reunion” to try to sneak by the controversy.

This year, UCSD Housing and Dining Services hasn’t learned from last year’s food controversy, by hosting an MLK Dining event featuring stereotypical black food.

I guess HDH isn’t afraid to give the Black Student Union and their affiliated organizations more ammunition for their protests of this year, which have been thus far focused on opposing University Privatization, fee hikes, and the UC Regents.

***Editors note… I’m not happy either with the aristocratic attitude of the regents whose appearance at UCSD today essentially put Price Center on lock down and caused all UCSD Shuttles to be re-routed East Lot (Ironically, this parking lot is officially named Regents Lot)


  1. Mmmm…. ribs and fried catfish (albeit, probably not the sorry excuses for those that were likely served at the dining hall). That sounds more like Southern/soul food in general, although I’m highly amused fried anything is still allowed in California. Alas, there is no “tasty Southern food day” for them to have the excuse to serve such food, so I agree that it’s pretty hilarious such an ultra-sensitive university would allow that to take place.

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