UCSD Big Bosses Are Hungry for Parking Spots, A Brief Parking Update

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

This morning at 11:00 I attempted to park in Regents Lot (P 703) which is normally the only place to find parking near the shuttle system. Upon arriving there I found to my dismay that nearly half of the lot had been closed off and so I looked around for any signs of why it had been closed. After being unable to see anything except for some gentlemen working about 50 ft away, I drove back to main campus to rough it out somewhere closer.

Upon finally finding a place to park, I gave the Gilman parking office a ring. They told me that signs “were posted there for over a week” (which is strange since I’ve parked there every day of the last 14 school days) and that the “lot would be closed for construction from February 7th until April 14th.” They also said that “They had no say over this because it was ‘due to construction’.”

In addition, the outpouring of support over our coverage of the parking situation is very relieving. Students are genuinely furious at TPS. In fact, many students have been seeking to contribute to our sources and data. Some of the tips we have received thus far are:

“It’s not just the S spots. They also make B spots hard to park in. TPS has changed a lot of B’s into A, even the Gilman parking structure. Many of people with B permits are not allowed to park overnight from 2 to 5 am. Sometimes, some A’s are empty. I guess some faculty probably complained to them.”

“They’re now ticketing students $65 for parking crooked in the parking stalls. I was at pangea yesterday, and saw a good 7 cars with parking tickets on one floor. Sure, I understand if their parking took up half of the stall next to them, but they’re ticketing students for parking slightly on the white line. Now we have to watch our wheels. That’s just RIDICULOUS.”

“For some other tickets, citations have been raised to $80”

“Starting after the problems with WI 11, P401 (the Sixth college lot with S-spots remaining) is always full… nights and weekends included.”

“I just realized that they not only took away s parking spaces in Revelle lot to replace the lost B parking spaces due to construction, but they’re also making construction workers to park at what’s left of the s parking spaces… This is absurd.”

If you have other tips about parking and want to help us investigate this hidden system please email us at editors[at]californiareview.net


  1. They recently (over the Winter break) reduced the number of B spots in the Gilman Parking structure, and switched them to As. I was in the structure mid-afternoon yesterday, and the entire row of now-switched-to-As section had ONE car in it (with plenty of other empty As around as well). The Vs were also, at most, half-full. I’m kinda curious how many Vs are actually NEEDED, and how many are used by actual visitors (as opposed to students who can’t find parking elsewhere, and just give up, spending visitor fees atop their parking pass fees).

  2. how many “S” spots, “B” spots, and “A” spots are there (each) on the UCSD campus?

  3. They reduced the number of B spots YET AGAIN in the Gilman Parking, right before Winter Break, AGAIN.

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