UCSD Student Government Displays More Bias

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief

Last week AS President Wafa Ben Hassine found it necessary to send out via the AS listserv a call to members to support PBS and NPR. Why the AS listserv is used for personal and political matters seems to be a definite violation of public trust. Last year I started wondering why the AS has been using their listserv to send out what seems to be political, personal, and partisan emails, and I have yet to figure out the answer. Shouldn’t the listserv be used for strictly business?

On a separate note, this week AS President Ben Hassine is pushing to pass a “Resolution for Justice for Dr. Wilda Helen … The resolution was also passed at the GSA meeting last night.” This resolution is more interesting than the deportation of this post-doctoral researcher (as no unbiased reporting has occurred to date). Allarticles” about the deportation lack the reasons for her termination because it is currently being investigated. This automatically slants the opinion of the reader in favor of Dr. Helen. However, it is the language of the resolution itself, and statements such as “WHEREAS, the Associated Students at UC San Diego (ASUCSD) supports the equal and fair treatment of all workers in the UC regardless of citizenship” raises real concerns. As UC San Diego is a public university paid for by taxpayers of California and the United States at large (grants, etc.), to take this stand for equality and fairness, although admirable, is misguided and goes against their purpose as pseudo-elected officials.

The UAW 2865 claims to represent “approximately 12,000 teaching assistants, tutors, and readers at the University of California,” yet their numbers are inflated as no mechanism to “opt-out” of the union exists.

As we are seeing reflected by the protests occurring in Wisconsin, public sector unions have chosen to align themselves in opposition to the public. Their motivation at their core is to expand their power and influence at the expense of the public taxpayers at large. Already the bloated ranks of public-sector workers was 36.2%, vs. just 6.9% for private-sector workers. This is well explained by Joe Klein, a columnist for TIME Magazine, who clarifies, “Industrial unions are organized against the might and greed of ownership. Public employees unions are organized against the might and greed…of the public?”

The elitist attitude held by the leaders of public unions and their perception of entitlement only serves to divide them from the people. Hopefully their superiority complex and hypocrisy will continue to drive people from union ranks and prompt other states to join Wisconsin in reigning in the abusive system.

The email sent via the AS listserv and the language of the resolution are posted below.


Hello council!

A quick daily dose of national affairs: last Wednesday, US House Republicans announced that in the 2011-12 FY budget, PBS and NPR will be zero funded! 😦
Please read below for more information, and sign the petition below to express disappointment with this announcement.

Here’s to public broadcasting,

Wafa Ben Hassine
President, Associated Students
University of California San Diego

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Matt Lockshin, CREDO Action <act@credoaction.com>
Date: Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 12:22 PM
Subject: NPR and PBS under attack
To: Wafa Ben Hassine <wbenhassine@###.com>

Tell Congress: Save NPR and PBS

Don’t let Republicans pull the plug on NPR and PBS.

Clicking here will automatically add your name to this petition to Congress:

“Fully fund NPR and defend public service media.”

Dear Friend,

We’re only a few weeks into the 112th Congress, and Republicans are already attempting to pull the plug on public media.

In a budget proposal made public on Wednesday, House Republicans announced plans to zero out all funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the nonprofit responsible for funding public media including NPR, PBS, Pacifica and more.

If the Republicans are successful, it would be a tremendous blow to the entire public interest media sector.

We cannot allow Republicans to destroy public media.

Tell Congress: Fully fund NPR and defend public service media. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Republicans are disingenuously claiming that they need to cut funding for public media because of budgetary constraints. But what they fail to highlight is that national public broadcasting is remarkably cost effective, providing local news and information, free of charge, for millions of viewers while only receiving about .0001% of the federal budget.1

More to the point, it’s nearly impossible to put a price tag on the actual value of public broadcasting.

Public media is one of the last bulwarks against the corporate media where the combination of consolidation and profit-motive has long since shifted the focused to infotainment rather than substantive news. In many rural and less affluent communities, broadcasters rely on federal funding to provide the only available high-quality news and public affairs programming.

Without public media, corporate media monopolies would increase their already large control of what we see on television, hear on the radio or read in the newspaper.

This outcome should deeply worry all of us. The increased accumulation and consolidation of corporate power is a threat to our democracy. And nowhere is this more evident than in our media.

At a time when media consolidation is shrinking the number of perspectives we have access to over the airwaves and when newsrooms are shrinking, we need more diversity in our media not less. And we simply cannot afford to lose what public media brings to the table.

Tell Congress: Fully fund NPR and defend public service media. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Conservatives have longed for any opportunity to defund NPR, PBS and other public media. And with Speaker Boehner wielding the gavel, it looks like they may finally get their wish.

Don’t let Congress pull the plug on NPR and PBS! Tell them reject cuts to public broadcasting. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Thank you for defending public service media.

Matt Lockshin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

P.S. It’s been said that NPR receives 98% of its funding from non-government sources. But that’s highly misleading. The government — through the Center for Public Broadcasting — provides a significant source of funding for NPR and NPR member stations.

1″Public broadcasting is critical to our democracy,” Rep. Earl Blumenaur, The Hill’s Congress Blog, Jan. 20, 2011.



Resolution for Justice for Dr. Wilda Helen

WHEREAS, the Associated Students at UC San Diego (ASUCSD) supports the equal and fair treatment of all workers in the UC regardless of citizenship; and,

WHEREAS, the firing of Dr. Wilda Helen, a 32-year Indonesian postdoctoral researcher, on Jan. 6 at UCSD, triggered the expiration of her J-1 visa, requiring her to leave the country within 30 days; and,

WHEREAS, within the United Auto Workers union contract officials are attempting to get her case to arbitration, before she must leave the country; and,

WHEREAS, through lobbying and action through the UAW, she later won an extension to stay until Feb. 27,

WHEREAS, if she wins her job back in arbitration, her visa would be restored and she would not have to leave the country; and,

WHEREAS, officials within UCSD administration have shown no proactive effort to have Dr. Wilda Helen be present for her own arbitration and at this time are simply waiting for her to leave the country,

LET IT BE RESOLVED, that ASUCSD condemns these acts of injustice in the lack of due process for Wilda Helen; and,

LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED, that ASUCSD advocates that these events, although in line with the strict letter of the law, do not allow the contract as agreed upon between the university and the union UAW to be fully explored at this time,

LET IT FINALLY BE RESOLVED, that ASUCSD calls on Chancellor Fox to direct UCSD labor relations to schedule Dr. Helen’s arbitration prior to February 27th, 2011 the day she is scheduled to leave the country.

1. UAW Contract


  1. No one cares. This publication is so irrelevant… such a waste processing power and electricity to run the server that runs this site.

  2. Hey Mr. Ghosh, your the fucking troll who took the time out of his meaningless life to write on this “irrelevant” publication, what does that say about you?. Now STFU.

  3. u mad, John? 🙂

  4. Whether I point it out or not, this publication is still irrelevant.

    But if you don’t believe me here’s a way to check…

    The Collective Voice talks about Fair Trade, Sweatshop Labor, etc… the university eventually changes its policy towards these things…

    The Cal Rev goes on a grumpy rant about something at UCSD: nothing changes… except the carbon footprint from the poor server that has to host this website… irrelevant.

  5. The collective voice is a period rag for AS, dumbass.

  6. @Josh – The Collective Voice is a period rag for AS and the Student Affirmative Action Committee….go cry me a river. At least this publican adheres some of the actual views of the school’s student body.

    –Regular, Politically Independent UCSD Student

  7. That seems to speak more for the need for the Cal Review to be out there since it’s clearly offering a point of view that differs from the established mainstream California liberal line (which the Guardian also often hews to).

    In general, I’d wish that the Cal Review did more UCSD-specific articles and more investigative journalism/accountability work, but they’re already at least the equal of the Guardian (except in terms of graphic/presentation, where the Guardian definitely wins).

  8. The “Collective Voice” is more the voice of the tyrannical administration. Who funds Collective Voice/SPACES? Dirty money, stolen from California taxpayers and mandatory student fees. You’re not effectively changing policy, Ghosh, you’re effectively propagandizing the leftist anti-liberty movement that has already infected the administration. The Collective Voice is parasite, parrot and prostitute, that much is obvious. The need for free-thinking voices like Cal Review is just all the more apparent in the light of extreme bias in funding for indoctrination and the unethical pushing of political and social agendas with other people’s money that we see from the administration and the corruption that SPACES is a mouthpiece for.

    Case in point:

    The “fair trade” policies are a prime example of UCSD violating the rights of vendors, students and the California citizens. I’ve taken my coffee and sugar business off-campus, because I refuse to support that communist system.

  9. borderraven · ·

    I was reading The Collective Voice, 10 POINT PLATFORM, and have a few questions.
    1. What do you want freedom from or freedom to do?
    2. How do you feel you don’t have the same “social unity and equality” which is afforded to everybody else?
    3. What do you want to promote “social awareness” of, and what “social ignorance” are you trying to combat?
    4. Name a few “progressive values” and “common struggles”.
    5. What are “under-resourced communities”?
    6. Who are the so-called “oppressive forces” you have seen on campus?
    7. Lastly, if you desire peace, then live peaceably, and if you want respect, then respect others.

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