The UCSD Guardian Wants You Indoctrinated

Laocoön, Anonymous Contributor

Let’s dissect the dangerous idiocy presented in the UCSD Guardian today. Students deserve to know just how logically atrocious the claptrap being published and disseminated across campus actually is and what racist vitriol is set to be foisted upon every UCSD undergraduate. Let’s see who the Guardian editors think is a problem and then what they propose to do about “improving the campus climate.”

In their editorial, the Guardian editors note that, “Realistically, no general education requirement can correct the backwards thinking of every student who passes through a lecture hall.” Who are these “backwards thinking” students? The editors are only too happy to specify: “…students who disavow themselves of of all connection to their ancestor’s wrongs, and who likely resent the perceived blame they receive for them–a resentment that can fuel both ignorance and outward acts of hatred.” I.e. the students who pointed out that the reaction on campus last year was an absurd, media-fueled, well-manipulated, disproportionate sham designed to benefit a select few people’s egos and pocketbooks. The students who opposed the politically correct-line adopted by the Guardian and slavishly enforced by the hacks that make up the UCSD administration. These, according to the Guardian editors, are the evil that must be thwarted by foisting “diversity” classes on students.

Now the Guardian editors seem confused about what these diversity requirements are supposed to do to these Neanderthals who dare question the PC boilerplate. The diversity (read: racial) requirements already in place “failed to thwart the racism” and “their impact was so absent on the students who committed unabashed acts of ignorance last year.” It appears that the Guardian editors see classes centered around obsessing about race as some kind of nostrum to all racial ills or non-racial way of thinking, which is highly ironic.

The Guardian editors also don’t want any kind of secondary redeeming value out of these classes. For instance, learning sign language would appear to fulfill the standard “diversity” goals- it forces you to think outside your comfort zone, learn something that other people have to deal with all the time, increases your appreciation for a different group, etc. But that’s not good enough for the racially charged Guardian editors!

Introduction to African American Literature doesn’t pass their test because it could “engender feelings of detachment in students who need the requirement most.”

It’s not education that the Guardian editors really want. It’s indoctrination. It’s forcing students to accept the PC doctrine of pervasive racism and white guilt or sacrifice their grades. Their proposed solution- mandating “ethnic studies” classes- will empower the most virulent racists on campus to run rampant over any student who dare challenges their views. It’s your choice, students- toe the correct line and survive or challenge the PCdom and see your GPA suffer. Normally, students can opt not to take these politicized bundles of discrimination and lies, but the Guardian’s editors feel that’s not enough. They want outright, forcible indoctrination and they want it now.

These editors are delusional, lack any understanding of history, and show just how far the PC racists will go to stamp out all resistance. They should be held accountable for their racial incitement and their arguments rightfully highlighted to reveal the lies, falsehoods, and logical inconsistencies that underlie them.



  1. I’m particularly awed by their unsupported assertion that there exists “irrefutable evidence that our campus is not nearly welcoming enough to minority students.” Typical “you’re a racists and there’s no denying it” tact. I mean, how does one even begin to quantify an opinion about what is or is not “welcoming enough”, especially to the point where it can be proved absolutely?

  2. Speaking of indoctrination, anyone know what is up with UCSD REQUIRING principle members of student organizations to “Complete the Student Org Principles of Community Training”? Is this something new? What does it entail, specifically?

  3. 4to-to vi vse o erynde tretpeis’. Pohody nekotoruie damo4ki zdes’ sami stradaut feminizmom. Sly4ai na vihodnih:Podhojy k avtobysy, tam staryshak pitaetsya viiti iz nego. Ona staren’kaya, a stypen’ki visokie. Essno, ei tyajelo. Yvidela menya i protyagivaet ryky s voprosom: Molodoi 4elovek ne pomojete mne spystit’sya? Of course, pomog ei. Potom, vozvrashayas’ domoi, videl kak molodoi 4elovek pomog devyshke s kolyaskoi, pri 4em ona bila v vostorge i sovershenno ne protiv.feminizma tak i ne nashel Tol’ko, 4itaya zametki nekotorih devyshek, ya prosto v nedoymenii: A mojet pri4ina v vas samih??? , Ved’ esli gora ne idet k Magomety, to Magomet idet k gore!!!!!

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