AS Election Results – Final

Campus-Wide Results

President: – Alyssa Wing

VP Finance: Kevin Hoang – Board the Wing
VP Student Life: Meredith Madnick – Board the Wing
VP External: Samir Naji – Board the Wing

Biological Sciences Senator: Randze Lerie Palmaira – Students First
Arts and Humanities Senator: Cyrus Kiani – Independent
Physical Sciences Senator: Kevin Fish – Independent
Social Sciences Senator: Alexander Choi – Board the Wing

All Campus Senators:
– Annie Yu – Tritons First
– Clinton Anthony Rodriguez – Board the Wing
– Carlos Molina – Board the Wing
– Amanda Malamud – Board the Wing
– Karen Liang – Board the Wing
– Kirk Freeman – Board the Wing
– Ashton Cohen – Board the Wing
– Matt Bradbury – Board the Wing

$5 PC Referendum: Didn’t Pass
$22 Recreation Referendum: Approved



  1. Thanks for live-blogging.

  2. Bogatyr · ·

    Can their slates be added to the list? Their names mean nothing to me.

  3. In order:
    Tritons First
    Board the Wing
    Board the Wing
    Board the Wing
    Board the Wing
    Board the Wing
    Board the Wing
    Board the Wing

  4. Alec,

    Can you update with every single person who got voted in (All the college Senators/everyone who will have voting powers)? Or is this it?

  5. The California Review · ·

    @ Mike. We’re going to have more articles out covering the election breakdown of AS council over the rest of the week.

    – Alec

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